Mobiel Network not working; Wi-Fi does


Android Enthusiast
My Mobile Network isn't working. Period. No it's not location, I get 5 bars of 3g in my room all the time. I'm able to go on WiFi. My 3g just all of a sudden stopped connecting.

It says: "Stand by for connecting to mobile network"

Not to mention the incorrect grammar, but what the hell? This is the reason I bought a smart phone. It happened 10 hours after the update.

In New York City, was working fine at work earlier. I can still get text's/calls.

Anyone else have a similar problem?


Yes, I am having the same problem! I'm using a Droid Eris on Verizon Wireless and 3g worked fine for a week but suddenly stopped connecting. Wi-Fi is working normally, but there aren't wi-fi networks everywhere, so I need 3g to work! What is going on, Verizon?