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being new here id just like to say hello to you all im having a problem with my HD i cant turn data roaming off as soon as i do i comes back on even when im running wifi ive turned off data roaming but the connection keeps coming on any ideas im running gingerbread.

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Are you sure it is data roaming and not just mobile connection?

Data roaming is for when you leave your home country and eats your money so is permanently turned off on my DHD.

However I have it set to toggle between Wifi and mobile connection (i.e 3g) depending on whether I am at home or outside the house.


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Like Goreygirl said, it sounds like you're describing the mobile internet connection, which is not the same as data roaming.

From the homescreen if hit Menu and go to Settings >> Wireless and Network >> Mobile Network and untick 'Data Enabled', does that sort it?

There are also built in HTC widgets that will enable/disable your WiFi and mobile internet connections, which is a convenient way to manage the two.


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There is nothing wrong with your phone. You can disable your APN but as soon as you activate wifi it reactivates your Mobile Data as a backup should your wifi signal go down. As soon as you disable wifi you will see your mobile data apn remains active and if you do not require this this deactivate it following the wifi.To do this quickly and efficiently use the power control widgets or use something from the market like Extended Controls.