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Mobile App Development frameworks

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by sourodip9, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. sourodip9

    sourodip9 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    What are the top mobile app development frameworks?

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  2. Brian Berry

    Brian Berry Well-Known Member

    Java Kotlin for android and Objective-C for IOS (not sure if Objective-C is #1 for IOS anymore I haven't looked for months.)
  3. wseng92

    wseng92 Android Enthusiast

    I thought kotlin is a language but not a framework?
  4. wseng92

    wseng92 Android Enthusiast

  5. EmilyBennette

    EmilyBennette Lurker

    There has been a steady rise in the number of programming languages for both Android and iOS operating systems. Although there are a number of framework. Here’s my pick:

    React Native

    React Native is an open-source platform that provides ample support for IDEs and other mobile app development tools It's considered to be the top JavaScript frameworks for developing native apps for both Android and iOS platforms.


    This is the open-source mobile application development SDK. It's a successful cross-platform app development written in the Dart language.


    It's typically a client-side framework that helps create native-based apps with a variation of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. The Ionic framework also supports the new mobile devices and provides a robust field for the mobile app.
  6. Raghu Raji

    Raghu Raji Lurker

    Here I have mentioned Top 10 mobile application Framework in 2019-20 are as follows,

    1. React Native
    3. AngularJS
    4. Xamarin
    5. Adobe PhoneGap
    6. Corona SDK
    7. JQuery Mobile
    8. Intel XDK
    9. Native Scripts
    10. Mobile Angular UI
  7. Monisha Devi

    Monisha Devi Lurker

    The frameworks have the true potential to meet the needs of mobile app companies. Below are the popular mobile app development frameworks in the future,
    • Ionic
    • Xamarin
    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • Adobe PhoneGap
  8. Cheena

    Cheena Lurker

    There are many popular Mobile App Development frameworks as:
    • Ionic
    • React Native
    • Adobe
    • Flutter
    • JQuery Mobile
    • Framework 7
    These frameworks are using both Android as well as IOS operating systems.
  9. scott2RM

    scott2RM Newbie

    Those frameworks are the best I think. But someone can say that Angular is not a framework at all, but anyway. They can make your app being user-friendly. Although, just making your application user-friendly is not enough, that's why when I need to promote my website for higher positions in searching pages I always listen to devs from Operatio marketing , who know for sure how to promote any digital product or web application.
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