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Support Mobile data issue after wrong SW update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chisholm4, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Jun 28, 2010

    Jun 28, 2010
    Not thinking enough ahead of time I had bricked my Optimus V and the only way I was able to get it unbricked was to flash to Sprints Optimus S stock.

    I had initially used KP500 to flash LS670ZV9_20.S9_20.P60671.cab, it worked but left me stuck with the Sprint activation screen so I got it back to the Optimus V stock but now the mobile network state is always disconnected. No data but still works for calls and txt.

    The settings show the SW Update as LS670V9 but should be VM670V4, everything else looks right.

    I attempted the same steps using KP500 but rather used the correct model's cab file. It goes through and it asks for the SN and MEID but after I enter them a screen pop's up requesting "Import File URL" with unreadable text/symbols below. I attempted using the LG link
    (http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WEBSW/LGVM670/AVGMBK/VM670ZV4_13/VM670ZV4_13.S4_13.P61007.cab) but it failed to work.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Or would it be best for me to just return it for a replacement at Best Buy (once they get them back in stock).

    The information about how I got out of brick with the wrong software was from this post:
    [How-to] Revert to LS670V9 after installing OTA LS670VC using KP500 (Diag mode) - Android Forums

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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