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Mobile Data suddenly not working anymore

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alex4371, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. alex4371

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    I am using a REALME 8 pro phone (Android 11), and without changing any setting or updating software, the mobile data connection stopped suddenly working. I am using Orange in France, and it is not the network - a family member uses the exact same network and has no problem connecting to the network.

    To fix this problem I tried different things:
    - Checked that I have still data remaining (42 GB )
    - Reset APN
    - Deactivated and activates many settings (auto carrier, roaming, ...)
    - Turn off and turn phone on
    - Take out and reinsert the sim
    - Phone call still works

    But still, mobile data is just not working. What else can I try?

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  2. alex4371

    alex4371 Lurker
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    Because the phone call over the mobile network still work, it was not a problem with the phone itself.

    The carrier (orange) had to update some synchronization on their side of the network - after that (and switching to 3G instead of 4G), the mobile data worked again.
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