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Mobile Development Guidelines (University Research)

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by staffs_harmy, Mar 15, 2016.

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    Hi everybody. I am currently in the process of carrying out research regarding the use of guidelines for mobile development. The research gathered will be used to complete a report within my research module at Staffordshire University. The aim of this topic is to get a discussion going around the importance of guidelines for developing mobile applications. Participating is voluntary, if you choose to assist then I would like to thank you for taking the time to help me with my research.

    Some research I've completed around this outlines that some guidelines that should be considered when developing for mobiles are as follows:
    • Reduce the amount of content
    • Single column layout works best
    • Present the navigation differently - top or bottom of page or place navigation in a drop down link
    • Minimize text entry
    • Design for touch-screen and non-touch screen users
    • Responsiveness - let users know their action/operation is being worked on
    • Communication - providing communication for every interaction
    • Take advantage of in-built functionality such as making calls, seeing addresses on maps, finding the nearest..
    • Device adaptation (screen size, resolution, type of keyboard etc)
    • Performance of applications
    • Availability of applications (offline apps)

    How important do you as developers think these guidelines are in order to develop mobile applications?

    Are all of these necessary? If not, which ones are most necessary?

    When you first started developing for mobile applications, are there any specific guidelines you followed or adhered to throughout development?

    Do the guidelines differ dependant on the mobile device? (iOS/Android/Windows etc)

    Do you believe its possible to develop mobile applications without following these guidelines?

    And lastly, could you please fill in this one question survey and choose which guidelines are most important to follow throughout mobile design and development - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3P92F3C

    You do not have to answer all these questions but some feedback on this topic would be very helpful.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for keeping the conversation here. :)
  3. thelska

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    First of all, before I start. I'd like to mention that the sort of guidelines a developer follows will be highly dependent upon the application the user is trying to create. For example, some of the guidelines mentioned such as 'Reduce the amount of content' and 'Single column layout works best' although this may be good for news related applications, this wouldn't contribute towards developing a mobile game.

    The guidelines you've mentioned are useful and important, and each guideline would play a hand at developing different applications.

    To answer your second question, again the necessity of the guidelines highly depends on the application you're creating, if you're creating a web related application, then the need for navigation, minimizing text entry, content etc is important, but take these guidelines and apply them to creating a mobile game, then they won't be necessary.

    When I started developing for mobiles, I didn't really look at any guidelines and developed how I thought, as an end user, I would like my app to look, feel and work. Though I do not speak for all developers with this comment!

    As I've developed mobile applications without following any guidelines, I'd for sure say it's possible to develop mobile applications without following these guidelines.

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