Mobile ID Essentials help!!!!!!


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I recently purchased a HTC desire 601. I keep getting an message saying that its installing the essentials ID. But once its finish it says its not enough space on the device, please delete some files or apps. My options are to cancel or manage content. When I select manage content there is nothing there to manage. This pops up several times a day and is pretty annoying. Someone please help me.


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i had same problem with optimus f3. i tried to diable the stock vm mobile id and even after using another launcher, it took only a day before the vn mobile id would update and reinstall itself. So, i made sure it doesnt add any more mobile id themes other than the one it came with/ cant get rid of. Phone out of box was plain sprint with roaming options , i used on wifi only, but as soon as i activated it, it dowloaded and that stuff was gone. Virgin Mobile replaced that with their version with mobile id on it, and no roaming options.