Mobile Network data call failure


I rooted my phone and I have Aloysius 2.0.8 2.1 update rom . Everything has been working great until today when I started get the error code 67. Data call failure. Your PCS vision username or password may be incorrect. I tried the fix that is on the website for the error code 67 but when I go to setting /about phone/ to the system software update I need web access to update the profile on my phone. So can anyone help me with this problem without havivg to call Sprint?

Biggest Fro

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I've gotten this a few times in the past week, I simply restarted the phone and it started working again.

I'm running Fresh 1.1 with Gumbo, had it nearly 3 months and never had any problems.

I will be upgrading to either Fresh toast of Fresh 2.x soon though
A few people were experiencing this on the fresh 2.1.1. I thought it was something with the ROM so I flashed back to Fresh 2.0d. It did the same thing the very first time the phone booted up, but has never come back up. I'm about to flash back to 2.1.1 since it doesn't seem like a ROM specific issue. Anyone else that has experienced this know of another fix?