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Support Mobile network internet great but apps don't work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SickofWildfire, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. SickofWildfire

    Thread Starter


    I apologise if this has been covered. I have searched far and wide for help with this but can't find anyone with exactly the same problem.

    I'm using an HTC Wildfire through TPG. At home through my Wi-Fi connection, I can browse the internet and all the apps work as they should. I was able to get the mobile network connection to work and now I can browse the internet wherever I am.

    However, when I'm connected through the mobile network I cannot use any of the apps. No data comes to the phone. For example, I can access my Hotmail account through the browser but not through the mail app. The phone tells me it cannot connect. However, as soon as I'm back on Wi-Fi, I can access Hotmail through the mail app.

    Nothing works aside from the browser. I have fiddled around with the settings and searched everywhere for some assistance. HTC says speak to TPG and TPG says speak to HTC. Can anyone suggest something or point me to a previous post that answers this question? It's kind of pointless only being able to use the phone to it's full capacity when I'm at home so I'm pretty keen to sort this out.

    Really appreciate any help you can give me.



  2. Lady C

    Lady C Lurker

    Hi Andrew,

    I have been browsing this site for a while now with exactly the same problem with my wildfire, and I am also with TPG.

    I have even gotten so sick of trying to get it to work that I've taken it to a repair centre. So far, they have managed to get me sorted on a wi-fi connection (I got the phone online from Hong Kong and apparently they had to debrand it or something). However, it is now back there under their repair warranty, because although its great on wi-fi, its no good on the data connection. Can't MMS or anything.

    I've been convinced its something to do with the APN settings, but I've tried all I can get my hands on with no luck. TPG customer service staff have no idea what I'm talking about and when I finally get through to someone who has half an idea, I get a couple of settings, though still not working (I've contacted HTC also, who have been like tits on a bull).

    I'm hoping to get the phone back on Monday, and I will let you know what I find out (and what the settings are if that's the drama).
  3. ephbee

    ephbee Well-Known Member

    sounds like apn issues alright
    menu, settings,wireless and networks,mobile networks,access point names
    you should see apn's for your carrier, internet should be default. you may need to check apn settings. i had issues with my mms when i first got my phone, had correct apn's, ending up doing a factory reset which solved problem.
    it's interesting both of you with same carrier
    hope this is helpful
    if you can't find settings for wildfire i know desire settings are the same
  4. Lady C

    Lady C Lurker

    Thanks ephbee,

    But I know where the settings are, what they are, and how to enter them in. It just simply will not work.

    The repair centre have called to day (it has been weeks) and they cannot fix the problem.

    Factory resets have been performed, software has been reloaded etc.

    I was hoping it was something that simple 2 MONTHS ago.

    I am now going down the tedious path of explaining all of this again to the phone company I bought the damn thing off.

    They just asked me if my network provider supports 3G and do I have the right SIM card!!!

    These 'technical' support people obviously don't read/listen and just assume that you are an ignorant consumer.

    This happens to be the second new phone I have bought over the years that I have had problems with. I am starting to get the feeling that mobile phone manufacturers just do not have good quality control.
  5. punkinm

    punkinm Lurker

    I have a Huawie Ascend with Cricket and I am having the same issue I can't understand why I can only access my mail and interent apps only with Wifi and not with my mobile network.

    It's very frustrating especially when I am nowhere near a wifi zone.

    Does this mean I have to buy wifi in order for my apps to run or is this problem fixable?

    I tried to go to settings and I have the correct apn. I really don't want to reset my phone because I'm scared I'll lose all of my information. What do I do?!

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