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mobile network operator notification

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Pakky, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Hi Androids :),
    i have a big Problem with my Android Phone.
    So i live near at a to the German and France Border. My main mobile network operator is an German operator. So the phone selects always the more expansive operator ;). I know it isnt like this, but it feels like that my mobile is always connected with the roaming network. i decide to set the network manually ,but now, if i travel over the border i get every 30seconds the message , "no network found, here are the list with available network, select one. But i wont do that, becaus than is this network the default and it will not change to my main network. The problem is if you click on cancel the message will return every 30seconds. and you cannot work withthis mobilephone anylonger.because the message laying over all, and thats horrible. Is there a functonality that disable these message ? that would be can make the work reaaaallyy confortable. It is okay if i am not connected with an other network. i wont use this roaming because it is too expensive and it will connect a foireign network still when i am in my country. ...

    For answeres a big thank :eek:




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