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Mobile network sharing not availible

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by justvervaart, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. justvervaart

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    Anybody got an idea why the 'Share mobile network' function om my HTC Hero is 'grayed out'? I don;t now if this is what it is called in English, but i mean the tethering function. It was working before, but now i can't select the option anymore?

    I didn't change anything on my phone.

    Thanks in advance,

    Just Vervaart

  2. a3holerman

    a3holerman Lurker

    I believe its a function of and upgrade. I just returned a Hero for this reason as I was told I could tether by the Best Buy salesman. When he first hooked up to the store computer the function was NOT greyed out. He then decided to upgrade the file on the computer and when he hooked it up again it was greyed out. I heard Sprint did this without telling anyone. There is a program that supposedly will work.
    Can't remember the name but a goggle search on Tethering a Hero will produce the results.

  3. IOWA

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