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(MOD) 108 Triumph & Hollyname B.P Tweaks (4.28.2012) Two Sweet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chairshot215, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ok I’m sure by now most have read the previous Op about losing half my Teeth, all in the back thank the Gods but still can’t wait until I get the fakes bolted in. Sure that will also be an awesome experience, forgot to add that I can’t take pain killers either. Anyhow I originally started working on this Mod for personal use and a means of keeping sanity. Because it ended up working out much better than anticipated I decided to share the script. Since then I have made some changes as I first have learned a little bit more and second because it has expanded beyond its original intention of being made specifically for CM7 and optimized in some areas around my own personal device configuration. Because of this I just decided to kind of give things a Reboot.

    What does this Mod do you may ask? In short it just makes everything a little better and snappier! How does it go about doing these things you may ask?

    In Short,

    IPV4 Internet speed Tweaks,
    Chainfire Touchscreen Tweaks,
    Increased Cache Sizes,
    Defrag Database Files On Boot,
    Remove Logger,
    Running fewer background Processes,
    Set’s Higher Priority for App's like Phone, Launcher, Contacts, SMS, SystemUI & Camera, (Loopy Smoothness)

    Two Sweet Edition Changes (04.28.2012)

    Linux Laptop Tweaks for Battery Life
    Ondemand, Interactive & SmartassV2 Govenor Tweaks
    APK Zipalign (Already performed by most Roms but included for the few that do not)

    Many more along the same lines.

    Again just so it’s clear, I did not develop any of these Tweaks on my own. If any credit should go my way it would be for looking around various websites and inside ROMs for other devices, finding things that look interesting, testing on the Triumph for effectiveness, making minor adjustments if needed and then collecting them into a method that is easy to apply. This should work with just about any Rom with Init.d Support. The easiest way of determining if your Rom has Init.d support would probably be to look at the below directions. If you find an Init.d folder in the spot they say you should then your Rom supports Init.d. It would still be recommended to keep a backup handy as I am not responsible for any damage caused to anything you own.

    Instructions (Busybox must be installed, if not, download from the Market)

    1, Download 108 Triumph Script.

    108 Triumph Script (04.22.2012)


    108 Triumph Script Two Sweet Edition (04.28.2012)


    If for some reason and I noticed this with Dolphin, .txt has been added to the end of the file name after downloading .text will need to be removed or the Tweaks will not be applied. So far I have only seen this happen with Dolphin but no dots should appear in the file name and should be removed.

    2, Place file on your SD-card. (USB Dropbox, doesn't matter how)

    3, Use Root Explorer or Root Browser Free and move the file into system/etc/init.d folder. Remember to hit the tab that makes the folder Read/Write as Read Only is the default setting for most File Explorers.


    Root Browser Free if you need a free File Explorer.


    3, Give the file full Permissions.


    4, Reboot! (Will take a bit longer to boot and will appear to be held up on the Motorola Logo for a bit. This is nothing to worry about, the script is running and the Tweaks are being applied.)

    Clear both Caches in recovery if you have any issues. Should not be needed but have noticed that sometimes Root System Apps like SD-Booster or Auto-Killer when installed before applying the script will restore pre-script values when the restore default settings option in the App is used.

    To remove these Tweaks simply delete the file and reboot. To update the file use the file explorer to delete the old version after placing the new version in the init.d folder.

    Going forwarded at least for the time being the Build.prop Tweaks can be applied by using the optional Hollyname Script. This was done because to apply these Tweaks correctly as part of the 108 Script with my current knowledge would do either one of two things, permanently add these Tweaks to the Build.prop or make the script Rom specific. Because I’m trying to stay away from having the Mod make any permanent adjustment or have the willingness or time for keeping up with every version of every Rom until I figure a way around the issue they can still be easily applied without making any changes to the Build.prop by following the following. Another nice thing about doing it this way is that after updating your Rom the script will continue to load the properties as Script Manager is on the data partition so you would not need to manually add these to the new Build.prop as long as data is not wiped. .

    Additional Build.Prop Tweaks

    1, Download Hollyname Build.Prop Tweaks Script and place on SD-Card.

    Hollyname Build.prop Tweaks (04.22.2012)


    Hollyname Build.prop Tweaks Two Sweet Edition (04.28.2012)


    2, Install Script Manager Free from the market.

    3, Open Script manager and select the script.

    4, Select SU, Boot and then save.


    5, Reboot! (All Build.prop Tweaks will now be applied during each boot unless un-selecting the option in script manager or deleting the script from the SD-Card. This will not make any actual changes to your Build.prop. Nor will it effect any properties associated with Market Access.

    You Can run "getprop" in either ADB or a Terminal to confirm all current property values if not sure everything was done correctly. If so you should now see the following included among the listed properties,

    debug.sf.hw 1
    dalvik.vm.heapsize 48
    persist.sys.ui.hw 1
    ro.max.fling_velocity 12000
    ro.min.fling_velocity 8000
    ro.ril.disable.power.collapse 1
    pm.sleep_mode 1
    windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec 150
    ro.media.enc.jpeg.quality 100
    ro.media.dec.jpeg.memcap 8000000
    ro.media.enc.hprof.vid.bps 8000000
    media.stagefright.enable-player true
    media.stagefright.enable-meta true
    media.stagefright.enable-scan true
    media.stagefright.enable-http true
    net.tcp.buffersize.default 6144,87380,1048576,6144,87380,524288
    net.tcp.buffersize.wifi 524288,1048576,2097152,524288,1048576,2097152
    net.tcp.buffersize.umts 6144,87380,1048576,6144,87380,524288
    net.tcp.buffersize.gprs 6144,87380,1048576,6144,87380,524288
    net.tcp.buffersize.edge 6144,87380,524288,6144,16384,262144
    net.tcp.buffersize.evdo_b 4096,87380,256960,4096,16384,256960
    ro.kernel.android.checkjni 0
    ro.kernel.checkjni 0
    debug.performance.tuning 1
    video.accelerate.hw 1
    dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags v=n,o=v
    persist.adb.notify 0
    wifi.supplicant_scan_interval 180
    ro.config.disable_hw_accel false
    ring.delay 0

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  2. FrenchToast

    FrenchToast Well-Known Member

    Wow! Great job man!
  3. Urfreaky

    Urfreaky Member

    What exactly does this do
  4. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Android Enthusiast

    I got one question. I see some adw specific stuff in there um do you think it might mess things up if you have different launcher like guilding light remix.
  5. klamkhowder

    klamkhowder Newbie

    This appears to be working fine on Miui, at least nothing appears to be worse. If there was a list of what these changes do (even just a basic one that listed what differences we would see between having this and not having it) that would be cool.

    That aside though this is a pretty cool mod, it's nice to have such an easy way to make changes like this.
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  6. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Sorry been kind of out of it today. For the most part it consists of memory tweaks that should free up a little ram for things like faster caching. Increase cache sizes and UI response. Disables most error checking and logging to help speed things up a little bit. A bunch of build.prop stuff for media performance, data speeds and battery life. Many of the build.prop tweaks can be found here,


    There is also a bunch of other stuff that gives apps like the phone, messaging & launcher higher priority without actually locking them into memory. In all honesty though I would be lier if I told you I understood it all.

    Things to check for,

    Less lag in streaming media
    faster dialing out with phone
    Overall image quality
    Better scrolling (Try scrolling down your list of All Apps in the play store, not only should scrolling be smother but thumbnail images should load faster or at-least not slow up scrolling.)
    Try opening an App that often takes its time to open and display like Maps.

    One way to check that the file is doing anything or has been applied correctly is that you should no longer see a notification for USB debugging in the status bar when plugged into the computer as it should now be disabled. USB Debugging is not disabled just the notification that pops up along with Mass Storage in the Status Bar every-time you plug it into a USB Port. So in otherwords with USB debbugging enabled under the application settings you will no longer receive a notification that it is enabled every-time you plug the phone into a computer. Just the USB Mass Storage Notification.

    If not using ADW then all that will happen is that the particular tweak will just not do anything. If you open the file in a code friendly text editor like Notepad++ you can substitute your launcher for ADW and then save it but not having ADW wont mess anything up.
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  7. klamkhowder

    klamkhowder Newbie

    Nice! so in miui one would just have to change ADW to Launcher? I'm only assuming that because that is what it's called in titanium backup.
  8. rondizzled

    rondizzled Newbie

    File wont move into folder for miui.
  9. klamkhowder

    klamkhowder Newbie

    I had a similar problem (I'm using Es File Explorer) all I had to do was go into the Es File Explorer settings and select root explorer and mount system and then it worked fine.
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  10. rondizzled

    rondizzled Newbie

    Good job. It seems like apps are loading faster. Images load faster also. Pulse news app runs much smoother. MIUI reportaled
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  11. exProphecy

    exProphecy Android Enthusiast

    Hey pretty nice! Videos especially in HD on youtube do seem to stream a bit quicker (kept stopping every now and then before this tweak). Only problem I've run into is my GoSMSPro lock screen (it's a pattern lock I place only on my GoSMSPro app specifically) no longer works. Don't know why but it just doesn't =/ . Also, boot takes a bit longer than usual but that's not a big deal. Thanks for these tweaks! =]
  12. MRCMidnight

    MRCMidnight Android Enthusiast

    Where I see:
    What exactly do I input for Go Launcher Ex? com.gau.golauncherex? I'm stumped.
  13. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There is a part of the loopy smooth tweaks that may be causing the issue with the unlock screen. I'll look at it after work and take that part out if need be. First day back and is going to suck big time.

    Where I see:
    USER_LAUNCHER=org.adw.launcher"" # Change this to your launcher app
    What exactly do I input for Go Launcher Ex? com.gau.golauncherex? I'm stumped.

    You have the location for changing the launcher correct but Im not sure about the correct name for Go Launcher. The best way to check the name of a third party launcher is to use a root file explorer and look for it in the data/app folder ware the apk for the app will be located.

    Was able to put up a quick update. It is Just a minor change to one of the 3g Tweaks. I’m getting better battery with an almost unnoticeable decrease in speed that seemed worth the trade. I left the old version up just in the case anyone liked the original better. Will still look into the lock screen issue after the job but before RAW, hopefully.
  14. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Okay Media Fire is making me perturbed. In a rush today I accidentally put 1.5 at the end of the file instead of just 15 as the system thinks the first is an extension because of the dot at the end and the tweaks will not be applied. I very quickly corrected this and deleted it from media fire. I have now added the corrected file a few times and although the download link shows the correct file name it is still downloading the incorrect file and is very annoying. If this happens to anyone else just change the file name to (108triumphtweaks15) with no dots. I also noticed that Dolphin likes to add .text to the end of the file name. This is also a no go as there should not be a .anything at the end of the file name. Sorry if either of these things has messed anyone up.

    Never mind used Firefox in place of Chrome when uploading the file and now all is good in the hood.
  15. MRCMidnight

    MRCMidnight Android Enthusiast

    Ohh alright, mines was "com.gau.go.launcherex-1.apk" so i input =com.gau.go.launcherex""

    Second, I notice that your screenshot has not .txt at the end, should it only be that filename verbatim "108triumphtweaks15"?
  16. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Fairly positive the lock screen pattern go sms thing has been fixed. At least in that I downloaded go sms pro app, had the same issue, took out a few things and I no longer have any issues. All in CM7 but from what I understand MIUI is pretty much the same thing deep down.

    The latest two versions should give better battery life. Not that there was anything wrong with the first two versions minus the pattern unlock issue they are actualy a bit more snappy compaired to the latest but it came at the cost of some battery life I'm not sure everyone would want to make the trade off. If like me you work at a desk all day and have a spare battery and dont have much issue with loosing a little extra battery they are both still fine to use.
  17. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Correct on both fronts, for some reason it seems some browsers like Dolphin like to add the .txt at the end of the extension when the file is downloaded, could also have been added after saving in a text editor. Easiest thing to do is after placing the file in the Init.d folder use the file explorer rename option and remove the .txt at the end. After removing the .txt the thumbnail image displayed should look just like the other files in the folder.
  18. wigginst

    wigginst Android Expert

    Just put this in and so far things do seem a little snappier. Excited to see how this goes! Thanks!

    Edit: Just tried a few of my apps that are commonly slower and it is crazy how much faster they seem now! BTW I am on the Miui Reportaled ROm.
  19. boomer_jmoore

    boomer_jmoore Android Enthusiast

    I'm using the final miui rom by Isaac and have no 3rd party launcher installed. If I put this in the designated folder I don't have to alter the file for specific settings do I? And if I do decide to use go launcher do I have to alter anything to that?
  20. klamkhowder

    klamkhowder Newbie

    These tweaks mostly apply to any Rom, however some tweaks in the loopy smooth section only apply to adw launcher. I'm not very experienced with things like this but I think all you have to do is change org.adw in the user launcher section to "Launcher2" I could be horribly wrong though.

    Edit: this is for miui of course
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  21. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Android Enthusiast

    i can use this with minimal triumph right? ik mobster added his own but i wanna give this a shot :)
  22. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes they should work with any Rom that supports init.d so if you can find the init.d folder it will most likely work, and by work I mean be applied. Outside of the two tested Roms I can
  23. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I have not tried but at worst I would just be prepared with a backup. The file name 108 actually counts as a 10 so probably what will happen is if any of these tweaks are included which I know a few are the values set in the higher numbered scripts that begin with say 77 or 99 will trump the values set on the 108 script. Otherwise the others Tweaks from the 108 script that are not included will still be applied. At least this is my understanding of how it was explained. I am curious though how it goes so if you give it a try please report back and let everyone know. Could probably cut down the extra boot time by removing duplicate Tweaks from the 108 script that are also included in the Rom it is being applied. Just a theory but makes sense as there would be less work during startup.
  24. mantera

    mantera Android Expert

    Well, if I'm understanding the way that init.d scripts work, it executes the scripts in the order that it finds them, which is by alphabetical. So any files that begin with 1 will be executed before any scripts beginning with 2, and then 3, etc.

    So that means that any settings that your 108 script sets will get overwritten by other scripts that are executed after it runs.

    You can see the order that the scripts will run if you use a terminal emulator, change to the init.d directory, and then run the ls command. Probably ls -l will give you a better idea (that's a dash and then lower case L and not a number 1) since that lists the files.

    Caveat--I could be wrong, but atm, I don't think I am... :)
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  25. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Android Enthusiast


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