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[MOD]Captivate Camera Software on Vibrant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chaoscentral, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Now some may ask why I would want to do this? Well I watched a few video reviews on the Captivate, and I noticed their camera software was different, the menus were layed out differently, and honestly they are better organized.

    You can switch scene modes with a button on the left side instead of drilling down into settings>page 2>scenes

    The video recording is much better, it actually records as soon as you press the button instead of having to wait a few seconds before it starts recording. It also stops as soon as you hit stop with no delay or lag like there was on the stock software.

    Overall I think it improves an already awesome camera.

    Still has all the same camera modes and scene modes as the vibrant, so you won't be losing anything by flashing this

    • Copy zip to internal SD
    • Reboot into Clockwork MOD recovery
    • Flash zip
    • Reboot and Enjoy!

    YouTube - ‪Captivate Camera Software on a Vibrant‬‎



  2. ds baruuuuu

    ds baruuuuu Lurker

    do i need to rename it to update.zip? when i boot to recover i get a cant open e: \cache\update.zip
    Thanks in advance
  3. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  4. ds baruuuuu

    ds baruuuuu Lurker

    OK I'm in clockwork rom manager and its the 2 nd option reboot into recovery right? That's what I'm doing maybee I'm just a ******: )
  5. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    if you are trying to do it from the rom manager, use the top option first the "flash clockwork recovery" option, let it download so it says you have version then select reboot into recovery, and go from there. make sure its on your internal memory
  6. spiz

    spiz Android Expert

    Flashed this last night and it works perfectly! Thanks for posting here!
  7. ds baruuuuu

    ds baruuuuu Lurker

    finally got it!! thanks, for some reason it took like a half hour before my phone would boot into clockwork. when i went to boot into clockwork recover it took me to the stock one, then all of the sudden started workig right.. love the new camera software seem alot faster
  8. Multiple reviews have said the camera on the Vibrant is actually better than the Captivate due to the software. I am not a camera guy but they say the software on the Vibrant compresses and renders images better than the Captivate.
  9. drummer07

    drummer07 Lurker

    would it be possible to put the vibrant software on the captivate?

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