Root [MOD] Change Battery Icon with UOT


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That was perfect, thank you , worked like a charm ,, finally :):):)

Awesome, in glad to hear it. You can change a lot of shit through there. Just keep the framework and system ui files each time you do a mood you like and want to keep. It sucks that uot doesn't save your work for each theme cause that would make life a lot easier.

Glad it worked though :D


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i just did it the lazy/slow way, extracted zip in new file, created battery icon with the kitchen, uploaded 2 items, waited for download, erased zip in the newly made file, extracted new zip, moved systemui and framework from new zip to phone with rootexplorer and rebooted. worked :D now i have gears of war battery icon


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Im glad it working for you guys. So simple yet so effective for those people who want the percent along with their icon like me :D


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Wait how do I do this?

go to the website, select on "Battery" then check the box where it say "Use This Mod" you'll then see a variety of battery icons as well as different color options. you can select "Generate Preview" on the right to see how it'll turn out on your phone. once done select "File Upload" you'll have to pull both your framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk via Android Commander or adb . once pulled select the "Upload System Files" option, four more options should show up . click on the framework and find your framework-res.apk (should be in the directory that you pulled it in) do the same with the SystemUI . once finished select "Summary" and then "Submit Work To Kitchen" its easier to understand visually, but I'm on vacation and can't show you through pics so hopefully fuzzy could see this and update the OP

having issues with the URL but this is the website