Root [MOD]{PORT} Face Unlock 4.0.4 -4.1.2 ICS/JB


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Everyone hates ZTE's lockscreen so i thought i would make this available for everyone to use or at least try it out.

Face Unlock

● Download and copy the zip to your sdcard
● Great time to make a backup so do it
● Wipe both Dalvik Cache & Cache
● Install the Zip
● Reboot

Now once your phone has booted head over to the Settings app and go to Security->Screen Lock->Face Unlock
Should be simple from there on out:rolleyes:


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Since i have now decided not port MegaTron ROM or any other rom unless can be compiled off PG's Cm10.1 tree, I'm now going to make little Mods and ports for stock ROM. In a few days i will upload a deodexed Stock 4.1.2 ROM where all my future MODS/Ports will work with it. This specific MOD will work on anyones ROM from ICS to JB 4.1.2
I am glad to see this, I was really bummed when I saw that it was the same lock screens as ICS on this phone. Is there anyone working on just the stock JB lockscreen? I have HOLO Locker, I just hate using 3rd party apps for stuff like this.

EDIT: The B07 lockscreen that is posted on the forum does not work. Throws phone into bootloop. I assumed it would, but I did try anyway.


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Yeah I'm hoping someone comes up with a stock JB lockscreen as well, was using the b07 one before.

Still, thanks for another option!
Lmao. Take a picture of yourself and hold it to your front facing camera. It will unlock it if you have a similar picture held correctly.

I just tried it with a friends iPhone 5. Worked just fine lol.