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Mod test thread, please ignore

Discussion in 'Literature' started by EarlyMon, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2010

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Close, and an excellent question.

    The same judge that ruled in favor of Apple over HTC couldn't figure that one out either, so he's assigned Robert De Niro to play the part of Jeff Bezos and testify in the case.

    Naturally, the blogosphere, never afraid to run a story without pesky fact checking, has fallen all over themselves once news hit that Robert De Nile was involved and they're all asking what he's hiding and how he made his millions.

    Undaunted, De Niro put up his pal, Al Pacino, to answer questions on his behalf as a prank. BGR was the first to point out that Mr. Puccini was far too young to have produced the music that he did, and provided an infographic from the same brain dead analysts trying to sell the idea that the iPhone is retaining market share to prove it.

    Online comments on the blog pages erupted into flame wars over Amazon copying classical artists and selling their songs as Amazon property.

    The judge summarily ruled that the country of Brazil as presented on a map violated a shape invented by Chile.

    Mr. Puccini has remained unavailable for comments.


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