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(Mod Texture) Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team PPSSPP for Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by joncelana, Jun 1, 2020.

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    This is a collection of mod structure video games Dragon Sphere Z Tenkaichi Label Group for ppsspp. This structure was produced by "VT Mods" also known as "Vocaloid Tangerang".[​IMG]

    Video game Name : Dragon Sphere Z Tenkaichi Label Group

    • Emulator : PPSSPP
    • Versi Video game : ULUS10537
    • Work For : USA Variation
    • Modder : VT (VtMods)

    Personality Mod:
    • Goku (SSJ God Goku)
    • SSJ Gogeta (SSJ God Blue Gogeta)
    • Goku (Extremely Instict Goku)
    • SSJ Goku (SSJ God Blue Goku)
    • SSJ Vegeto (SSJ God Blue Vegeto)
    • SSJ Goku (Black Goku Rose)
    • SSJ Vegeta (SSJ God Blue Vegeta)
    • LSSJL Broly (LSSJL Broly V2)
    How to Instal:
    • You must have an ISO file for this video game > Download Here
    • Download and install Structure, the download and install link is near the bottom of this web page
    • Extract the structure file and you'll obtain a folder called "TEXTURES"
    • Move that folder (TEXTURES) to :
    • for Android to : SD Card > PSP
    • for PC To : ppsspp > memstick > PSP
    • Open up PPSSPP, most likely to Setups > Devices > Enable/Inspect "Change Structures"
    • Done.

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