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Modaco 2.2 anyone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vwvapor, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    10 hours uptime & 41% awake.:..hmm... i'll check it in the morning.

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  2. khaag27

    khaag27 Android Enthusiast

    east bay as well. Antioch area
  3. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ Android Expert

    Hey guys, former Pittsburg resident here, but it's been awhile! Worked in Concord at Lehmer's Oldsmobile. Olds is gone, but we used to have many other car lines. We're talking the mid 80s! LOL And now back to the regularly scheduled thread.
  4. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member


    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

    close by ..... pay attention to my home screen shots and you'll know where I'm from..
  6. vwvapor

    vwvapor Member
    Thread Starter

  7. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    Ok, back to Fresh. After 8 hours of idleness (sp?) 87% awake time :(

    Its cool...I messaged the developer. I "might" do a total wipe and reinstall, but Fresh is cool too and I'll keep an eye on it (awake time).

    I think the Local thing might be bugging my phone too. I dont have a lot of time so I went back to fresh. I am thinking of a total wipe, reroot, reflash Modaco and an:

    rm HtcLocationService.odex
    rm HtcLocationService.apk

    We'll see. I emailed this thread to the developer, I hope it chimes in.
  8. Aldo Junior Ao2

    Aldo Junior Ao2 Android Enthusiast

    Why don't you just disable the location service and see what happens. I am on my second day and at around 50% battery and 13% awake time. All good and just email him like you said. I'll send him a msg using mind powers. Also Dfresh i looked at your screen shots and i figured where your from Antarctica am i right,
  9. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    I not near a system to rm the location. I am just trying to figure out.....why mine ? I am going to try it later.
  10. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    Ok, so charging your phone from the wall should NOT keep it awake. I'm down to 5% awake time, less than an hour. It apparently restarted at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, and I don't remember doing it lol. I'm pretty sure I didn't use it for an hour in the past 18 hours, but I'm guessing that the hour it was awake consists of email updates, weather updates, and a couple phone calls.

    So again, this ROM is NOT keeping my phone awake. If your phone has a high awake time and you haven't been using it that much, then you must have an app that's keeping it up.
  11. andy22

    andy22 Member

    I just want to say that I really enjoy being a geek right now.
  12. andy22

    andy22 Member

    I used to live in Vallejo
  13. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    Same here...The other day at work this guys hops up and says "oh cool! We have Wifi now I surf with my iPhone without being on the network." So I asked what was the access points name....he says "Google Phone"...lol..I said, oh sorry, let me disconnect you...lol.

    I just pushed Defresh on there too. Clear lock screen and stock icons = me :D

    4.5 hours uptime & 21% awake. I bet it was that location thing. I am going to run fresh for a few days and see how it goes.
  14. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    Thursday night, I recooked the 2.2 ROM with out WAP Browser and CompCache..
    I went to bed with 57% battery at 2 am...
    made a few short calls and 4 text messages.
    Put it on the charger at 1 pm with 16%

    That is better!!!

    so far so good...
    but i have not noticed any big performance over 1.3.
    Maybe even a little less responsive!

    Time will tell
  15. DFRESH

    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

    Awake Time

    11:35:23 (100%)

    I'm going to another ROM ....
  16. momoceio

    momoceio Android Expert

    Have you looked at Spare Parts to see what's keeping the phone awake?
  17. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    Hey Defresh, did you remove that location thing that Fresh did? Later this week, I "might" do Modaco again and remove them...

    Although, this fresh rom is up 10 hours and awake 18%. I'll report back tomorrow morning after I charge it full and then use it 1 full day.
  18. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    I'm at an uptime of 26 hours, but only 9% awake. I am certain 2.2 is not keeping phones awake
  19. looneylu

    looneylu Member

    just curious as to people's battery lives with MCR 2.2.... It seems to me as if my battery is draining rather quickly...
  20. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    I feel like mines draining too. 48% after 9 hours. Hard to tell if its going faster or not
  21. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    To those reporting uptime/awake time. Do you use the default clock/weather widget with "current location" being updated?

    I did not have my current location as default and noticed a high awake time. I set my city as my default.
  22. DFRESH

    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

    i removed it ....back to TTG rom and waiting for flipz to see what he's coming out with as well...
  23. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    35 hours uptime, 14% awake, 32% battery life after being unplugged for 13 hours. Fresh 1.1 is great for me.
  24. Every time I install a new rom I gotta' do a battery pull to bring back down my uptime %. Interestingly enough, when I first got my hero and updated it, i had to do a battery pull to bring it back down my uptime as well. Needless to say, you people testing roms for uptime might want to try that after switching from one to another.
  25. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    This is from the XDA forums about 2.2...now I understand what was happening.


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