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"Modem could not be powered"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Santamoose, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Santamoose

    Santamoose Member
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    So I guess my phone is a lemon. First 24 hours of owning it and it randomly reboots and never recovers from it, saying "modem could not be powered (2) starting RSD support protocol" and nothing ever happens.

    Any idea what the hells going on?

  2. esmith818

    esmith818 Android Enthusiast

    Follow the instructions on this site to perform a hard reset of your phone.

    After rebooting to factory specs, don't perform root-level functions unless you are absolutely certain of what you are doing. Also, make sure the battery is fully charged before performing any lengthy downloads or alterations to your interface.

    Not saying this was the cause of *your* problem, but on the OG Droid forum those were the most likely reasons users had the problem you described...

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