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[mods]Hidden goodies (like appless tether)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tokenpoke, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    well i been messing with an m835 all day and this is a bit about some little "easter eggs" i found in the build.prop file. ONLY TRIED ON STOCK ROM!

    to activate them you will need a root explorer, i use the paid app "root explorer"

    First, open root explorer and navigate to "system"
    MOUNT EXPLORER AS READ/WRITE..................................... .
    long press the "build.prop" file and copy it. | THIS PART CAN BE SKIPPED, I ADDED IT AS A PRECAUTION
    tap the phones back key and open "sd card" |
    paste the build.prop in the main directory of the sd card.------
    go back to "system" and again, long press the "build.prop"
    when the menu opens scroll down and select "open with text editor"

    now find these lines (i will give landmarks if i can). tap the back key to close keyboard for easier navigation

    its near the bottom of the file , slowly scroll up untill you see the "#----------------------froyo" it'd directly below the third line starting with "# DTS201" change "true" to "false" after "tether.denied="

    now when you look in "settings>wireless and network" a new option will be available for tether directly under "bluetooth settings". i can confirm it works on ubuntu 10.10

    follow the tether instructions, if you look a bit further down the list (four lines down) you will see "mms.cfg.max_recipients=10" change the "10" but watch out, sending to more than 15 has proven difficult for me and 30 crashed my phone

    MORE COMING... but those 2 were the best so far, you can change dalvik heap too but i'm gonna make you look for it since you can brick your phone good by screwing with it.

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  2. CyberTails

    CyberTails Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I did the tethering trick before this showed up and I got it to work on Ubuntu 9.04 and later, but the earlier versions will not work with this, also on another note, if anyone here is using XP SP2, you need this along with the attached zip file which contains a modified version of the tetherxp.inf file which contains the Hardware ID for the M835 for when it's in tether mode

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  3. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Cool, thanks.

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