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Moment reboots after USB use

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hyperkid420, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Hyperkid420

    Hyperkid420 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After I had rooted my moment at first I was having no problem with connecting and disconnecting my moment from my computer. but now whenever I disconnect it from my pc regardless of what way i do it whether it be to just unplug it or eject it from pc or stop it from the phone itself it locks up for about 5 seconds and then reboots.

    any idea on why?

    thanks in advance.

    (also the pc also recognizes it just fine)

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  2. dbspartan52

    dbspartan52 Newbie

    When it reboots itself what screen are you seeing ( do you see flashing android logo while its rebooting itself)
  3. Hyperkid420

    Hyperkid420 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    uhh im pretty sure it starts with my boot logo which is the dos boot and then the android then my home screen
  4. dbspartan52

    dbspartan52 Newbie

    i was having the same problem after i rooted it except for when i got my random boots it had a flashing android logo written android. i went into recovery mode data options if you dont maybe u should backup ur system. then i went to clear dalvik cache and pressed the home button, went back to main screen and reboot system now. i let it reboot and havnt had a problem with it rebooting for a day now. you can try that and see what happens.
  5. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    How did you go about rooting, what files did use? Did you install any roms? Basically what all did u do to the phone between when you changed it from stock to when the problem started.
  6. dbspartan52

    dbspartan52 Newbie

    1.i did a root by using the sprint cl updater14 which you can get from sprint.com/downloads go to samsung moment click details and download. 2.Next you will need drivers for the download process you can google samsung mobile v5 drivers. im using vista its the only os i tried from windows 7 and xp that let me root with no problem. 3. you also need the de03 recovery .tar file.
    install but dont run the sw upgrader from sprint after which u finish installing it will restart your computer. go into c:drive/swupgrade/models/binary and place the recovery file in that folder( make sure no other folder is in there).
    download drivers first, run swupgrade, follow instructions accurately. to root all you have to do from here is choose a kernal you want to use first, then plug ur phone up to the pc make sure ur able to get into the sd card if not go into settings, applications and make sure to uncheck debugging. now u should see the usb connection check mount. place the zip kernal on the root of your sd card unplug your phone go into recovery mode (vol dwn, end, and talk buttons) hold em to u see the boot screen. use the vol dwn button ao select apply to zip (zip kernal you decide to download will show) use the black button too select and follow the instructions. some kernals come with the wireless tether already on it.
  7. dbspartan52

    dbspartan52 Newbie

    i had rooted it with a custom kernal then wanted to install a different one thats when the problems started. thats the method above i used to root the phone and install the wifi tether. I just cleared the dalvik cache and havnt had anyother problems for a day. u can also use the sprint upgrader to go back and do the process all over again
  8. Hyperkid420

    Hyperkid420 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ok I used the Joeykrims Custom Kitchen and installed the joeykrim-SDX-a2.1-root-v7

    after following all the steps pre root such as update to 2.1 ect.

    with the kitchen compiled,
    kronenpj-sdx-v6 (includes root and support for vpn and tether)
    m900-wifi-tether v1.2
    OSMonitor V 1.1.5 (uninstalled)
    HQ Youtube
    3d Gallery
    samsung android Boot logo
    SDX - MBios Boot animation
    and finally the Burst Leo Theme.

    sorry for the long response.
  9. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    This is my reccomendation. Boot into recovery and make a back-up of /system and /data then reflash the phone to 2.1. You can restore your backup's once you get the recovery back on the phone. Before you do anything else verify that the usb problem is gone. If is then one by one add the files you used again checking the usb after each install to try and narrow down what might have caused the issue. If the problem still remains even after flashing back to stock then you have a hardware problem and need to get a replacement.

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