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Moon Phase: Perfect for Werewolves and the Hair-Challenged

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Troglodad, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Jan 22, 2009

    Jan 22, 2009
    So you're a werewolf and you've gone out with your human friends and had a little too much to drink. You forget what day, or more importantly what night it is. The cold grip of fear runs up your spine as the sun sets and you wonder- "Oh crap, is this the day? The day I come out of the lycanthrope closet and rip my friends to shreds, devouring their bowels and other sweetmeats?"

    You hastily grab your smart phone and try to activate the browser. But you're drunk, and those stubby primate fingers are having such a hard time with that cursed on-screen keyboard. Why oh why didn't you get a G1, or Droid or some other physical keboard-equipped phone.

    Then you remember. You do a quick slide to the left, and there is the widget for Moon Phase. A quick tap with your bottle opener, aka thumb, and WHAM! You see the current moon phase. It fills the screen! You're safe- it's only a crescent moon. True, you're too inebriated to read if it's waxing or waning, but who cares? Either way, your friends are safe for this night at least. Time to get a few more rounds and order some more steak tartar.

    Or, if you're not a werewolf, and you have kids pestering you, asking one of those insane kid questions like "What does the moon look like?" you can whip out your Android phone of choice, and like your werewolf friend, with two thumb taps show the little buggers.

    All coming in at only 184kb.

    And did I mention you can scroll through the moon phases? You can travel forward and backward in time, all with trackball support and watch the moon change.

    Best of all, this is a free app. Because werewolves don't have pockets, and you'll undoubtably need to replace your phone once a month after every change.


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