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More customization over notifications?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by EKhatch, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. EKhatch

    EKhatch Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    One thing I really miss about my BlackBerry is the way I could have a different notification sound for emails vs. text messages. Also I could set different numbers and lengths of vibrations for each type of notification. Is there any apps that would allow more control over these settings? I have an Incredible with Android 2.2.


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  2. That to myself didn't make sense as WTF developers didn't implement basic idea like that as its not rocket science, but I came to the conclusion they choose to ignore it so users would download BS app from Market with ads in it claiming its google.freeware aka adware.

    Where I migrated from I could change every aspect of the OS, now before any Android fanboy run their mouth I really suggest you better have knowledge in hardware and software level or you will get raped. This was not post to be rant but I would bash the dev's face for now allocating just few more strings defining types of event without downloading 3rd party BS, just my two cents.
  3. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Not really. There's no centralized management of alerts in Android like there was with the BB. What's available to you depends on the app.

    You can certainly set different notifications for email and text. You've probably been looking at the system notification setting in Settings. Check the notifications settings in each app.

    The "not rocket science and not included in Android" list is endless. Development resources are always finite. Whether a feature is rocket science or not is irrelevant.
  4. Rowski

    Rowski Newbie

    think about it this way:

    Your BB was a highly connected PHONE. It has many features that go above and beyond what a standard phone can do, and it does have "apps", but it is a PHONE; and on a PHONE you go into the notifications area and set what behaviors you prefer.

    Any Android phone is a COMPUTER with a phone app. on a COMPUTER you have an applications that alert you and you tell those applications how to do so individually. The system setting only set the default.
  5. sloheim

    sloheim Well-Known Member

    The guy asks a simple question and gets lectured by everyone. Completely uncalled for.

    At its core, both a Blackberry and an Android are handheld devices that have functionality to allow you to communicate with others (via phone, text, IM, whatever). The platform, hardware, etc, is irrelevant to his original question. He had a device that would allow custom notifications, and would like to replicate that on his Android. Fair question.

    In reality, it works identical to the Blackberry. If the developer of an app implements a method of custom notifications, you can use that. If that app "uses" notifications, but does not allow custom notifications, it is stuck with the default.

    To answer the specific questions...

    1) Every email app I've seen allows custom notification sounds. You should be able to set that within the application settings.

    2) I dont remember if the stock IM app allows a custom notification. My gut says that is only uses the default one on the phone. My recommendation would be to download Handcent SMS, which is considered one of the better SMS apps out there. Its very customizable as far as notification sounds.

    3) I've found very few apps that let you customize vibration notifications, but I DID eventually run across Smart Vibrate, which will let you create you own unique vibration patterns for both SMS and Phone calls (it does NOT do emails).

    One thing to be wary of... if you have multiple apps to handle the same thing, it may make your phone a little "loopy". IE, Handcent SMS can set custom vibrations for SMS messages only. If you also enable that functionality within Smart Vibrate, BOTH apps will try to execute their vibration patterns at the same time, and you won't have any idea whats going on. This can take a lot of trial and error. I have had similar problems with audible notifications.

    Hope this helps. I've been down this road before, coming from Blackberry. It IS a superior device... its just a matter of finding the right apps!
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  6. bogiedogie

    bogiedogie Newbie

    I have been working on this for hours. I found how to set up the media card and transfer files to it - Thanks all! The custom alerts I want are all now available to me.

    What is the difference in the home screen menu/settings/sounds/alerts and notifications vs. going into calendar/sms/email settings and selecting them there? Sometime I get the sound I want, sometimes I don

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