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"More Icons Widget": Direct Dial can't see Contacts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xanthias, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Environment - Motorola Droid on Adroid 2.0.1, using the paid version of the More Icons widget from the Market. Contacts, calendar and email successfully syncing off Exchange Server. Google contacts and calendar not sync'd or used.

    I've searched this issue on the board and on the web and haven't seen any answers, so -

    The issue is, if I try to configure a More Icons direct dial shortcut, it refuses to see my Contacts, complaining, "You don't have any contacts to display" and telling me to add/configure accounts to sync with the phone, create a new contact or import/export.

    It's fairly clear More Icons must be looking only for Google contacts. Since I have none and don't use them, it creates the problem above. I have no problem creating direct dial shortcuts manually on the home screen, syncing contacts, etc. I don't know how to force More Icons to look to the Exchange contacts I do sync.

    Anyone dealt with this?

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