Dec 15, 2009
Couldn't find more info on this phone, I did a search on Chinese websites and found some interesting info (not sure if they are all facts tho):
1. The phone is totally designed by Google period. HTC is just manufacturing it and not involved in the design process. (Thinking about iPhone). So it is NOT HTC Passion or Bravo and it could be very different inside.
2. The phone could be sold for free cuz google can make money while you are using it
3. The phone could come to all or most carriers with different versions - the first version is for Tmo

And yeah, i am returning my samsung moment and can't wait to get the phone when it's for sale in early Jan.

I hope you can read chinese there are 6 pages detail explanation about nexus one but at least you can see more pictures there:
Seems like those pics were ripped from various sites. I doubt the content of the article is even trustworthy.
A rumor in any language whether it be English, Chinese, French, Spanish, or what ever is still exactly that.... A rumor.