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(More)Problems after Nougat update?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spec2nirvash, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Spec2nirvash

    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum.... While doing a device search there wasn't a specific forum for the Stylo 2 Plus K550 model. So here goes:

    LG Stylo seems to get worse with every variant. First was the food stamp G Stylo model with lousy GPS signal, and now I got roped into buying a TMO K550 and oh wow... I don't know which one I hate more, or how much more disappointed with Android I can get with every OS crapped out after lollipop.

    Since updating to Nougat, it takes 3X longer to charge the battery with the OEM charger than while running MM, the UI seems even slooooooooowwwwwer (didn't think this was possible LOL) and the phone is screaming in agony while running @90+% constantly. Google Chrome was THE lil bastard responsible for the super high RAM use, and with disabling that got me back down to 1.3GB average, which is fine. But ya think Google would work on RAM optimization, which clearly sucks? IDGAF about stretching the battery life out, I'll trade reduced life for better performance any day. I've never had such lousy performance with any device running Lollipop...

    This is posted WITHOUT factory resetting this phone, and I've seen some here that say they didn't have any issues after updating, even without resetting. (Wife's phone, grumble grumble) I just don't want to have to do it.

    Am I the only one having battery issues now?

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  2. MyUsernameRox

    MyUsernameRox Android Enthusiast

    111 views and not one comment. Unfortunately, double and often triple-digit views of a post with no one chiming in is par for the course for this forum. I honestly don't understand why some of those people are even here.

    I will say that I've experienced the same charging issues. If I get down to 15 or 20% and plug it in, it will tell me I have anywhere from three or four hours to charge the phone which is ridiculous.

    It leaves me without a phone to use for that entire time. I mean I could always just use it on the charger but that prolongs it even more.
  3. jamstewonline

    jamstewonline Well-Known Member

    My answer is no I am not having any issues after upgrading did not reset or anything. I would suggest to just bite the bullet and reset in hopes it fixes your problem.
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  4. djdarko

    djdarko Lurker

    I have the normal Stylo 2 (non-plus model) and have noticed significant problems since the Nougat update.

    General: Overall slower and sluggish when opening apps. Also, when you reset the phone, there is a huge delay when you first swipe to get into the phone, it hesitates for much longer to display the apps.

    Typing: (Using LG Keyboard) Backspace deletes text way too fast. If you try to delete a letter or two it will delete an entire paragraph. I had to change to "Gboard" to avoid this.

    Text notification: If you swipe away a new text notification, the red light will continue to blink as if you haven't read the text yet. I don't remember it being like that before the Nougat update.

    AccuWeather: Temperature display bugs out, where the font goes HUGE at certain times.

    Error messages: I get the "Amazons services stopped etc" notification almost every day.

    Battery: I use the phone minimally, and the battery seems to go dead almost every day, before I could use it for 3 days before I had to charge it.
  5. tunaman2

    tunaman2 Newbie

    General: I haven't had any such issues.

    Typing: Haven't had this either, 'cos one of the first apps I always install is Gboard. The LG keyboard blows in comparison.

    Text notification: Haven't had this happen.

    AccuWeather: This happens, but it doesn't bother me that much.

    Error messages: I get this with Hangouts (and only Hangouts) once every six weeks or so. Which is weird, 'cos I've disabled the app.

    Battery: Yeah, battery life ain't great, but it wasn't all that under Marshmallow, either. Uninstalling all Facebook apps will help a bunch. I've also installed a couple apps - Startup Manager and Advanced Task Manager. I normally shy away from such apps, since they usually cause more problems than they solve, but both have been pretty helpful. I went from getting around 18 hours per charge to 50 hours per charge, which isn't anything to sneeze at. I'm still kinda pissed that Google: a) makes it so difficult to see what's actually using the battery; and b) Android doesn't offer more robust "only run this app when I say so" options. There's no reason a bunch of apps I rarely use (but use often enough to not delete altogether) have to run all the time. Like the Spectrum (cable TV) app. WHY does it need to run constantly, even though I only use it to check TV listings and add a recording to my DVR a couple times a week?
  6. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member

    LG G Stylo 2 Plus K550 Variant US

    After Nougat , this phone feels like a flagship in real life performance. Now take it my experience in android rooting , modding and building, this phone requires Root and some modifications to see peek overall performance..

    LG my go to smart phone oem, for easy root methods and the ability to use LG Free software to self repair in case of an accidental brick. Saving LG on warranty/exchange cost. Brilliant if you ask me. If one isn't experienced in android tweaking then one shouldn't get an LG unless its a V or G model.

    On 7.0 my apps load faster and my Dolby stays running now after I close the app. Marshmallow system for some reason would stop Dolby from running in the backgrooind..
    Apps to use while rooted..
    1. Kernel auditor..Set sellinux permmisive.
    2.Kernel toolkit ..change clock speeds
    3 apps2sd ...to add ram and so much more
    4.OG YouTube. xposed alternative for you tube backgroind play.
    5.Developer options...turn off window animations/force gpu rendering.
    6.Nova launcher prime/ scroll effect Accordion/Horizontally.
    7.Sdcard cache booster...great app
    8.Use a micro sdcard 32gb or higher.
    9.Stylus pen new functionalities..love a pen when you need to jot down a quick memo.
    10.LG. the name you know. Great products and service.

    So many more tweaks ..too many to name..like init.d.
    LG Lifes Good..
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  7. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member

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