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More Problems: Camera Lens Breaks. :(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Steven58

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    Users report camera glass breaks in the back. Link.

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  2. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra

    I've dropped my Galaxy S20 Ultra many multiples of times directly on its face, on its back, directly on the camera, etc... without any case. It has really been through the ringer. There are a few small nicks in the screen but that's it. The camera casing and the phone in general has been very, very sturdy for me. I'm lucky nothing has cracked to be honest.

    The article suggests that the Galaxy S20 Ultra zoom camera, when zoomed fully in, hits the actual glass of the camera enclosure. If that's the case and it's even a few millimeters off then I could see how repeated zooming in/out would wear on the glass, cause a hairline fracture, and then eventually break. To say it's randomly breaking in the pocket does not sound accurate.

    Weird that this be happening to some devices and not others. I assume anyone who purchased a Galaxy S20 Ultra has used the heck out of the Zoom lens so you would think the problem would be more widespread if it was indeed a big problem. I think it's more likely that it's a manufacturing defect in a very small number of devices and these few people are the unlucky ones.

    Sucks that Samsung isn't owning up to the mistake if it is indeed a manufacturing defect. I also wouldn't rule out a competing company lodging these claims since we've seen underhanded tactics throughout the mobile world time and time again.

    If anyone here has the problem I would love to hear more!
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  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Hi Rob,
    Yes myself along with numerous other s20 Ultra and a few S20 customers have fallen victim to the unexplained Camera Glass Crack. I know for me this has occured through no form of abuse or neglect of the phone, phone in a case with screen protector since unboxing and I just took my phone off Samsung provided charger the other day and it was cracked. Store believe its a manufacturing fault related to heating when charging. There does appear to be a few different issues though. Some people are getting the "bullet hole" shatter to the rear camera and others like me a getting the hairline cracks. Samsung are refusing to repair these devices under warranty as they state it is "cosmetic damage." That may be so, but it is the result of something happening internally. My phone is currently with Samsung and I am disputing this matter. I have raised it with Australia's ACCC and Consumer Affairs under Consumer Rights Legislation. If these phones are heating to the point of glass breaking then this is also a safety concern. Samsung need to either repair/replace/refund or recall these devices.

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