Most iTunes like media player


I'm not talking about syncing with iTunes. That's a separate issue =)

In iTunes, and in iPods, you can sort music through multiple layers. What I mean is that, you can click on "Genre" and that brings up a list of the Genres. And when you click one, it brings up a list of Artists in the Genre. Click on a Artist and it brings up their Albums. Click on an Album, and you finally get to the songs in just that album.

Contrast this with all of the media players I've seen so far in Android, where you click on a Genre and it goes right to a song list of every single song in the genre. Click on an Artist and it lists every single song. And so forth. There does not seem to be any way to have the music broken down by Genre>Artist>Album>Song so that you can narrow down what you're looking for. I personally hate having to scroll through 200 songs in a genre to find the one I want, or having to look through every single album name on my device to listen to the one album I want.

Is there a media player for Android, that allows that sort of sorting? And another "more like iTunes" issue, is there a media player that recognizes the same ID3 tag versions as iTunes? In iTunes and on my iPod, all my Genres show up correctly, but on an Android device, some songs in some genres are listed under genre "37" or "80". It seems to be ignoring what I have as the ID3 genre tag, and arbitrarily assigning a number to the genre, but only for some songs.

I love Android devices way more than the iPhone. But I will admit, Apple figured it out when they released the iPod/iTunes system. The way these devices sort music is perfect. Why is it so hard for Android media applications to emulate this?


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On my Ray I use the stock music player and it does most of what you ask.
I can browse the artists and when I click one it shows the albums of that artist. click that and it shows the songs.
I can also browse the entire collection by albums, playlists or loose tracks.
Only the genre option is missing, as far as I can see. For me personally that's no problem because I never browse by genre.
There is also a lot of extensions to directly search for lyrics, video's etc.

I have no idea about apps in the market. Hth anyway :)


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Unfortunately, I almost always browse by genre first =/

Other apps, like Winamp, have genre as an option, but when you select a genre, it lists all the songs in the genre, and skips over the artis and album levels. I would like a media player that displays each level underneath it. So when you select genre it lists genres, then artists, then albums, then songs. If you pick artists directly, it would still list albums, then songs, and so forth. That is how it works on iTunes and iPods, and I have about 30,000 songs in my library so that is how I am used to looking for music. I don't have all of those songs on my Droid of course, but I would like to have the same way of looking for things, such as if it were an iPod nano.

I guess I don't get why the most popular media player (iTunes) and the most popular mp3 player (iPods) display and sort a certain way, and yet no other device or player seems to emulate this.

In a perfect world, there would just be an official iTunes app for Android. But it would take divine intervention to make Google and Apple cooperate on that level.
Neutron music player does this. I just did as you, navigate to genres, click on one like rock and I get a list of albums and from the chosen album a song list. Edit: I see you wanted Genre, artist then album. As far as I can see, Neutron displays Genre, Albums then song list. This may not be what you are looking for exactly, but it does allow you to go to specific albums in a genre and then to the playlist of that album. I've only had the app for a couple of days and I'm still learning my way around the app.