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Root Most root-friendly manufacturer?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by djkeller3, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. djkeller3

    djkeller3 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 5, 2010
    Business Owner
    Lexington, KY
    I'm increasingly feeling like our beloved Droid1, which has been by far the best supported by developers of root, will eventually be abandoned by our developers as more and more smartphones emerge with better specs - from manufacturers who will play ball with us - unlike the Motorola, who is apparently giving the root community the cold shoulder with new encrypted bootloaders and closed exploits.

    As November approaches, the mass exodus will begin as those who can upgrade early will begin to do so (as some already have who have lines on their accounts that are upgradable now), and the number of Droid1 owners will dwindle more rapidly.

    My question is - after the dust settles - to which manufacturers will our developers migrate to the most? Which one will be the most root-friendly? I have been spoiled by flashing ROM after ROM after ROM and making all sorts of modifications, and the thought of having to use anything stock turns my stomach.

    Pete, Fab, Chevy, JRummy, Koush, CyanogenMod team, CVPS - and others (you know who you are) - feel free to guide us in the right direction! :thinking:


  2. istolvampire

    istolvampire Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    I will be keeping an eye on the thread, for I would also like to know. Great question.
  3. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Jan 31, 2010
    I don't know if this is the right question. Phones have never been "root" friendly...some were simply easier to exploit than others. I would imagine that the best phones...will eventually be cracked.

    I'm going to look for the phone that offers me the most out of the box. Remember that the droid had much older specs than many phones that came out 4 or 5 months later. The droid NEEDED to have the custom ROMs and OC kernels just to keep up. How bad is the Droid X, EVO, or incredible right out of the box? Not too shabby.

    That's what I'm looking for anyway...what can I get stock vs. what can I get via aftermarket mods. The mods will come with quality/popular devices....but hopefully not necessary for the long term use of the device just in case.

    my 2 cents...
  4. muab

    muab Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2010
    I think the question is excellent. As he is addressing this more to enthusiasts and developers the idea of "root friendliness" is appropriate. If he was addressing it to the manufacturers, yes, it might not make a lot of sense.

    Paraphrasing: What phone are developers and enthusiasts most interested in migrating to?

    I am very interested in the answer too...although I do not plan to migrate phone for another year or thereabouts.

    The root-ability IS a big deal to me regardless of the stock equipment. I have become quickly used to the ability to CONTROL.

    If I wish to relinquish that control I can certainly migrate back to an iPhone....

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