Most Worthless Cellular 'Service'?


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Is T-Mobile the most worthless cellular service?

Cannot use the phone or data while indoors.

Phone calls are broken up and dropped even with 4 out of 5 bars of 'service'.

How can such a useless 'service' even continue to exist, and why eould they even bother to try to be in this area if it obviously does not function?

Or, is non-function actually the function?
Because then it would actually make sense.

My CB radio is more reliable.


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I vowed years ago that if T-mo is the last carrier in the world, I'd give up cell phones. They had an amazing promotion that I couldn't pass up: and I was grandfathered into Verizon's original unlimited plan AND promotions that had us paying around $20/month per line for unlimited everything. The T-mobile coverage map showed solid magenta - full LTE - throughout our area. I purchased phones from ebay and Swappa and, as soon as the T-mo SIM cards arrived, I switched off Verizon.

I immediately ran into trouble. Our phones wouldn't connect; wouldn't activate; couldn't even find signal! Of the four devices, my phone barely found enough signal outside to call T-mo tech support. They put me through to the engineering team, who told me that according to their antenna placement, 3G was "spotty at best" and coverage indoors was essentially nonexistent.

I couldn't switch back fast enough: I BEGGED Verizon to reinstate our unlimited data - which they graciously did... but because we had ended our contract, even for those two hours, our promotions were wiped. T-mobile cost us $100/mo in promotions. I filed a complaint with the FCC over their fraudulent coverage map. Nothing was ever done and even years later, their coverage map continued to lie.

T-MOBILE can kiss my a$$ until my cheeks are soggy and it won't be enough.


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I genuinely feel like I have travelled back in cellular time to more than 20 years ago.

That is how bad the service is- in fact, worse- because back then the phones were more powerful and the analog signals travelled further on the same power.

This really sucks, because Wi-Fi keeps stopping andcellular is pretty much a nogo.


How does this company stay in business?

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I would still say Verizon from time to time, it is not the map either, they do not tend to break it down from bedroom to bedroom, or even outside of town or anything, wish we could just lay out a social media site just stating that, and nothing more.