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Aug 12, 2011
South Carolina
So i am new to android so this might be a DUH! question but which one of the 2 is the internal storage and which one is the sdcard? (Im talking about when i plug the phone up to the computer). I thought removable disk is the sdcard but after looking at it, removable disk has a bunch of stuff on it (folders with all my apps etc.) And MOT only has pics taken with the stock bionic camera app.

So basically my question is, is MOT the internal storage or sdcard?

On the Bionic the internal storage is listed as SDCARD, while the actual external SD CARD is listed as SDCARD-ext.

Have you been able to access your Bionic without a problem when plugging in to your computer? Because I am having a problem accessing the internal storage.
What is this MOT you guys speak of?

Plug the phone into your computer. Two disk drives will appear under My Computer. One is called MOT, the other is Called Removeable Disk.

Is there something I am missing? When I plug the device into my computer on Windows XP I get 2 removable disk drives, one of which I can't get access to. How do I access the internal memory?
Glad I'm not the only one wondering about this. I get three drives when I plug it in:
* MOT (F), which is apparently the internal drive
* Removable Disk (G), which is apparently the SD card
* CD Drive (E) Motorola

CD drive? What's up with that? When I launch that drive, it installs MotoHelper.

I'm confused because I loaded Audible and at first copied my books over onto the F drive when I meant to put them on G. But then when I moved them to G it wouldn't recognize them. Don't want them sucking up space on my internal drive. Guess I'll have to contact the Audible folks....
I think it is a problem with the phone sometimes. When I plug mine in the first time I only got the sdext drive. After a battery pull it would show both sd and sdext. I was on the phone with tech support almost an hour trying to figure this out. My DX2 had no problems showing both drives when I connected it. You will also have the moto drive with the drivers on it. So basically 3 drives should show up when you connect it to usb mass storage.