May 28, 2010
This morning my MotoDroid (non-root 2.1) froze. I pulled the battery and attemptped to turn it back on. It is now in an endless boot loop.

Red Droid Eye > D r o i d > Red Eye > Rinse, Repeat.

Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? I'd like to fix it without having to perform a factory reset or what not.
Yeah, that's happened to my SO when he manually updated to 2.1. Did this happen after you installed an update? If so, then yes you will have to factory reset.

However, I have also had it happen when my phone battery died on me while running GPS. So if you haven't updated, borrow a friend's phone battery, replace yours with it, and boot it up. Then correctly shut the phone down and charge it for at least 3 hours. That fixed that issue for me.