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Moto Droid - Froyo - Bluetooth voice dial problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by billmi, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. billmi

    billmi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    A few years back, I got a Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth headset for my motorcycle helmet and love it. A couple of years ago, I switched from my LG freebie flip phone to a Palm Centro - loved the phone, but found out that unlike the LG, and unlike what the chap at the Verizon store told me, its bluetooth support was incomplete - no voice dial, so I had to pull over and get the phone out of my backpack to place a call while riding (incoming calls were fine). Last month, after being assured by another Verizon rep that bluetooth voice dial was supported on the Motorola Droid, I upgraded. I absolutely love the phone, and quickly learned the sales rep didn't know what he was talking about, but fortunately bluetooth voice dial was coming with Froyo.

    After anxiously waiting a month (not that long in the scope of things) I was very happy when Gizmodo.com pointed me to a thread here on how to download the Android 2.2 official update, to get the official Froyo release without rooting and ahead of the OTA update. I'm grateful to the author of that thread, the installation was quick and easy.

    I discovered I had to reboot my phone twice before it could pair properly with my helmet's headphone. Got through that hurdle, and found I can voice dial quite easily but.....

    I've only tried it a hand full of times so far, but in all but one of those attempts, I can voice dial, and as soon as the call connects the Droid switches to the connected call screen (hang up button, call duration, bluetooth on/off button, connected caller's contact name, etc.) it disconnects the bluetooth link (green bar in the button turns off, and the phone switches to its internal mic and speaker). I then have to press the bluetooth button in the lower left corner of that screen to turn it on. When I do, it clicks right back on, and I can talk just fine - however this totally negates the whole point of hands-free dialing if I have to get out my phone, take off a glove and tap the screen to be able to place a call.

    Anyone else experience this, and or know a way I can lock it so it will keep the bluetooth active instead of automatically switching to the phone's mic and speaker when the call connects?

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  2. billmi

    billmi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    With more testing, it seems to only be an occasional problem, but I haven't figured out why and how to stop it. The Droid still wants to switch back to its own mic and speaker sometimes when the call connects.
  3. a2g2

    a2g2 Lurker

    I have the Motorola Droid and also did the update to Froyo using the thread above. I was really disappointed when I still am not able to do bluetooth dialing with my Motorola T505 bluetooth car speaker. I'm able to connect and pair but nothing happens when I press the call/action button on the T505. Now I'm wondering if it's a compatibility issue with the T505 - anyone know?
  4. arwes

    arwes Lurker

    I've noticed that if my phone is plugged into a power adapter in my car, it does the same thing (Bluetooth bar goes off and I have to hit the button to make it work again). If I'm operating off battery power, it works perfectly fine.
  5. jr2bail

    jr2bail Lurker

    I updated to Froyo a couple days ago and my 505 has worked great. I touch the call button, 505 system says speak now, I say call john on mobile and it connects fine. The call ends and music is playing again. I luv it. However, like "billmi" above, a couple times the green bluetooth light on my droid has went out and I just tapped again and it worked fine. I use the 505 a lot and this is a minor prob for me compared to before Froyo install. Hopefully this problem will be resolved with the next Froyo update.
  6. dcw9ma

    dcw9ma Lurker

    I have a motorola hands free setup in my car. It is the kind that depends on the phone and does not work on an internal contact list, etc. When I hit the call button, the voice dialer on the phone activates but only on the phone itself. The bluetooth speaker and mic do not work until the phone call is actually made. This requires that I keep the phone out and near my mouth when I want to make a bluetooth call. Is there any application which will work directly on the bluetooth device like my old razr did? I have a droid1.
  7. coolvoodoo

    coolvoodoo Lurker

    I have been waiting for Android 2.2 so I could use bluetooth voice dialing and now have a Droid 2. I have been using a Motorola H690 for a year or so and it has been a very dependable headset. It works with my Droid 2 but just barely. The first time I push the button, the phone dialer activates, but on the phone. If I retry 2 or 3 times, it will usually switch to the bluetooth speaker and mic. If I turn the bluetooth headset off and then on again, then it usually starts working again right away. All in all, it's a very hit and miss situation. I was not expecting this with a Motorola headset and Motorola phone. I do really like the Droid 2, but for voice dialing my Motorola V9m was a dream compared to this. I am going to buy a more recent headset and try again. Will also post again when I try some other headsets I have around the house.
  8. coolvoodoo

    coolvoodoo Lurker

    ok....see my post above. I just tried a Jabra headset. It would pair but did not work at all. Then I tried my Motorola BT-820 stereo headphones/headset and they play music from the phone and I can make and answer calls but it still takes a couple of tries the first time to get the phone speaker and mic to switch to the bluetooth speaker and mic. Got a couple of more headsets around here somewhere I will try and report on.
  9. alohatrojan

    alohatrojan Lurker

    I have had the same problem. I am using jawbone icon and the bluetooth makes a sound and disconnects from the phone. I am sometimes able to reconnect by hitting the bluetooth green bar, but many times I cannot. It definitely defeats the purpose of using the handsfree function. It is not reliable.

    It works fine when manually connecting to a call through the contact search mode, but not via voice search.
  10. GraceP

    GraceP Lurker

    I have pretty much the same problem. The voice dialing really works maybe one time out of three. It worked perfectly after the 2.2 upgrade until about two weeks ago.
  11. Adara

    Adara Android Enthusiast

    Similar experience to the OP -- although the problem is somewhat sporadic and (at least recently) seems to only happen if it takes the Droid a bit longer to put the call through.

    Wanted to ask about a related problem, though. Sometimes the voice dialer doesn't understand me and places the wrong call. (Me: "Call my parents at home." Phone: "Calling my parents on mobile." Me: "No! No! Wrong! Stop that!") Near as I can tell, there's no way to stop the call with the bluetooth device alone, and I'm stuck hitting "end call" really quickly on the phone. (Pushing the button on the bluetooth will just turn off bluetooth, and the call still goes ahead.) So, again, the goal of hands-free dialing is kinda shot. Any way around this?

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