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Moto Droid screen doesn't work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by londonamour, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. londonamour

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    Mar 4, 2012
    I bought my Motorola Droid in February 2010. I ended up having to terminate my account with Verizon about 6 months later, but I kept my Droid. At the time, I couldn't afford to start a new contract with another company, so I used my Droid on wifi to access Facebook and similar apps. That fall, I was taking dinner to my grandparents and ended up dropping my Droid in my grandmother's coffee. I quickly got it out of the coffee, wiped it clean as best I could, powered it off, and stuck it in a bag of rice. Up until this point, my phone was working fine. A couple days later, I pulled it out of the rice and powered it on. It came on just fine except for the screen. It stayed black, but I could still unlock it (I hadn't been using any kind of screen lock at that time) and feel the haptic feedback when I unlocked the phone. I was devastated when I realized my screen was toast. So I powered it back off, removed the battery, and stored them. I recently pulled it back out, charged it up, and turned it back on. Now I don't even feel the haptic feedback when I try to unlock it (although I may not be sliding across the right part of the screen. I have a new android phone with a smaller screen, so it may be throwing me off).

    I do NOT have any kind of account with Verizon, and I know that Motorola has discontinued production on the Droid. Does anyone know of any way I can get my screen fixed? I know I'm not capable of doing it and I don't know anyone that would be able to fix it in my area. I had read on another thread that Motorola can replace the screen for a certain price. I plan on calling them at some point in the next few days when I find time around work. Does anyone know if anything else would need to be replaced, or would it just be the screen? I know the phone powers on and as far as I know is otherwise fully functional because the four touch keys on the bottom light up like normal.

    Any help is appreciate. Thanks!


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