Android Expert
Dec 10, 2009
I have a Motorola Droid in 9/10 condition, no scratches on the glass with an anti-glare screen protector plus a new in box OEM desktop cradle, new but no box OEM car mount, mikradle dock, 4gb microsd card, and extra battery doors I would like to trade for an LG Ally or HTC Incredible.

Can add small amount of cash for the Incredible.

PM if anyone is interested.

i can understand the incredible but doesnt the ally have a slower processor and a poorer quality camera? is the keyboard on the droid really that bad lol
I already have an incredible, would give the incredible (or ally) to my wife to replace her Eris. They keyboard isnt a problem for my wife, she just wasn't thrilled by the looks of the Droid.
How about a trade: motorola devour, 2 8gig micro sd cards and ill pay for shipping? Girls love the look of the devour and if she's into facebook its perfect

Thanks for the offer but I am really only looking to trade for the Ally or Incredible.
Price drop to $285 or trade straight up for an LG Ally.

Will add $125 plus the Droid for an Incredible.
Do either (droid, voyager) come with the original boxes?

I may be willing to trade a brand new incredible

Any pictures?
I have pictures of the Droid i can send, they are in my sent files. I just decided while i was at work to add the Voyager. PM your email and I'll send them and i'll send the voyager pics tonight.

I have everything as stated in my original post for the droid. The Voyager was originally a black one which i have the box for. I had to make a warranty claim and Verizon replaced it with a titanium one. All of the accessories and manuals are there but the box and voyager do not quite match.