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Moto E crDroid Port 4.4.4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Curtis1973, Feb 3, 2016.


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  1. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    - crDroid Port From Mote E -​

    - What Works -

    Everything With Exception Of One Bug Listed Below

    - Rom Features -​
    • Dynamic System bars;
    • Heads up (SlimKat version);
    • Heads up master switch;
    • Heads up option to open in floating window;
    • Heads up notification time out;
    • Heads up show pending background notifications;
    • Heads up at the bottom or top;
    • Heads up snoozer time;
    • Heads up disable on lock screen;
    • Heads up dismiss from left remove from all (status bar and notification drawer) and from right dismiss only from heads up;
    • PA's Halo;
    • PA's Hover;
    • PA's Peek;
    • Halo policy;
    • Halo size;
    • Halo hide after activity;
    • Halo notification count;
    • Halo enable message pop up;
    • Halo pause active app;
    • Halo ping on unlock;
    • Hover exclude low priority notifications;
    • Hover exclude non-clearable notifications;
    • Hover require full screen mode;
    • Hover notification time;
    • Hover exclude topmost app;
    • Hover exclude from insecure lockscreen;
    • Hover touch to hide;
    • Hover hide only on swipe up;
    • Peek beautify bridging layers code
    • Peek configurable pickup timeout;
    • Peek configurable wake timeout;
    • Peek Blacklist;
    • SlimKat PIE controls;
    • Listview animations;
    • Screenshot quick trash;
    • Power menu QS tile (simple press to go into power dialog or long press to go into reboot dialog);
    • Power menu added in navring targets;
    • Last app added in navring targets;
    • Hide power menu from secure lockscreen;
    • Incoming call in background with heads-up option;
    • Navigation bar dimensions;
    • Enable or disable navigation bar;
    • Custom navbar recent long press (none, last app, screenshot, kill app, notifications panel, QS panel, power menu);
    • Low battery warning options;
    • Lockscreen PIN keypad shuffler;
    • Lock before unlock (Show sliders before secure unlock);
    • Notification force Expanded;
    • Notification drawer custom background and transparency;
    • Notifications row transparency;
    • Custom clear all recent button (place it in any corner of the screen);
    • RAM bar;
    • Option to hide app's status bar notification icons;
    • Status bar clock and date customization;
    • Open source Google dialer;
    • Volume panel configurable timeout;
    • Screen recorder;
    • Wakelock blocker;
    • Media Scanner behavior on boot;
    • Notification reminder;
    • Notification reminder flip interval;
    • Smart Pull down;
    • Ability to switch between recent panel styles (Stock or SlimKat);
    • SlimKat recent panel;
    • SlimKat recent panel/card/text custom background;
    • SlimKat recent with option to show in left side and switch sizes (100, 85 and 70%);
    • SlimKat recent add favorite mode (click on app icon in recent panel to choose as favorite);
    • SlimKat recent developer shortcuts;
    • SlimKat recent floating mode;
    • SlimKat recent add blacklist interface;
    • SlimKat recent panel custom colors (panel/card/text);
    • Improved scrolling cache;
    • Ability to disable hardware keys via nav bar settings (Only visible in devices with hardware keys and enable through overlay);
    • Keyboard: toggle to enable/disable full screen on landscape;
    • Keyboard: force auto rotation on IME;
    • Keyboard: force to show always enter key;
    • Live volume steps;
    • Long press back to kill configurable timeout;
    • People lookup settings;
    • Option to enable notifications lights with screen on;
    • Brightness slider in expanded notifications panel;
    • Option to disable widgets frames on lockscreen;
    • Lockscreen notifications;
    • Telo Radio (Connection manager);
    • Smart call;
    • Gesture lockscreen;
    • Pause, resume or stop downloads from notification area;
    • DSP Manager: DIRAC HD support;
    • DSP Manager: Center frequency param to bassboost;
    • DSP Manager: Stereo widener effect;
    • DSP Manager: Add loudness enhancer;
    • Appbar by ChameleonOS;
    • Launch floating window from notification (long click);
    • Launch floating window from recents panel (long click);
    • Blacklist from floating mode
    • Option to enable/disable hepatic feedback on tiles pressing;
    • Flip to Mute/Reject Call;
    • Call recording (blocked in some countries);
    • Gestures anywhere;
    • Lockscreen rotation option;
    • Mms native support for heads up;

    - Bugs -

    Random And Infrequent Crash Of Phone Process. This Bug Can Only Be Resolved By Dirty Reflash Or Full Reflash Of Rom

    - Original Device Thread -


    - Credits -

    Original Rom Author ashwin007

    - Download -

    Rom : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24399994186368416

    - Install -

    Reboot To Recovery,Full Wipe Minus External Sd Card,Flash Rom,Flash APN Fixer,Flash Gapps If You Use Them,Reboot

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  2. ScarletRooter

    ScarletRooter Well-Known Member

    I think you should, I'm willing to try anything to be honest, even if it's boinked up :p
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  3. Zezill

    Zezill Newbie

    i'm not worried love trying new things but the issues with the keys might be a killer for me xD
  4. Zezill

    Zezill Newbie

  5. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  6. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ok upon boot. To enable hard physical keys you will need to go to settings,buttons and disabled nav bar and tick the hard keys option. Vibrations for the hard keys does not work. This rom comes from a device that never had hard keys. So lucky we got any hard key access at all.
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