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Moto E will get Lollipop!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheKrell, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    From here: Here's what Motorola smartphones will be updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop


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  2. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid.

    Good to hear :)

    I'm sure they would have gotten lots of complaints if they didn't push Lollipop to the Moto E since it's only been half a year from the release date.
  3. mikee286

    mikee286 Newbie

    I can't wait. No news on the release date that I have seen. Moto G 2014 already has an update. I think the E might be at the end of the line for update priority after the moto x 2014 and 2013 then the g 2014 and 2013 and LTE then they will probably get around to releasing for the moto E. I did read that all these devices will be on lollipop by the end of the year. I hope this is true. I am really anxious to get the update.
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  4. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    I updated my wife's Nexus 5 last week to 5.0 and she's loving it. The battery used to poop out in a day. But on 5.0, it's on day 4 and still running. If 5.0 on our Moto E's does equally well, I think we can have a standby time of over a week!
  5. mmth

    mmth Lurker

    I wonder if tracphone (straight talk) will allow the XT830C to be updated?
  6. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    I am reading that the update will be coming in March.
  7. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    My Moto E just took an update to Motorola Update Services which is necessary for 5.0.
  8. Hey, just figured I throw some not-so-good info towards the xt830c variant of the moto e. Straight talk/TracFone are a bunch of turds and I for one am flushing them once this months is up. The xt830c moto e is the ONLY moto e that is not getting the update due to smack talk and twack turds policy on not giving codes to unlock the boot loader. I went as far as to call them and confront them for being the only ones with this model that are keeping it locked down. I asked why. Their reply- "sir, we here have no plans now or in the future to release codes to customers" I then ranted about how the only reason they wouldn't is out of fear of losing customers and how that's pretty ironic cuz this very same issue is causing them to lose good customers, myself included. Click. If any devs read this, I've already put the hit out at modmymobile and XDA. Let's do this!!!! Our best bet is to look into the rooting of the Verizon moto cuz that is the network this is on. Framaroot, sunshine, z4, and the list goes on all still not doing it.... I'm sure this can be done. We did the mb611 cliq2 we should be able to do this. ANGRY
  9. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    Good luck UrWifesBoyfriend. Dum retro providers. I have T-Mobile and they probably lock their phones too. But the last several phones I have purchased for my wife and I were all subsidy-unlocked. (Different type of locking, I know.) I bought my Moto E directly from Motorola, so I think I am good.
  10. steiny180

    steiny180 Android Enthusiast

    If you don't like the providers' policies, don't use the providers' services.
  11. bummpr

    bummpr Newbie

  12. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    There is another 4GB of memory separate from RAM which I think is for apps. (I have a 32GB microSDHC card as well, so I have no issue with the 4GB.) But I see Motorola says 1GB RAM as you noted above, so I don't know the answer to your question.

    But I'm mad at Samsung for throwing their Behold 2 customers under the buss and never upgrading us (except from 1.5 to 1.6), even though they promised us 2.0 "over the air". They claimed it wouldn't even support 2.0, which was another lie since the Behold 2 supported it just fine via unauthorized ROMs. So, I think they just spew these lies because they don't want to do it, not because they can't.
  13. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    According to Motorola Support:
  14. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    My 1st gen Moto E is now offering me the upgrade at last. Unfortunately I was on the road when I noticed this, so it will have to wait. The notification says I need 200-400MB for the upgrade and app optimization.
  15. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    I had a heck of a time making room for this download. It's 368.2MB. I had to roll back several apps to factory. I already deinstalled all apps that could not be moved to my SD card, so I deinstalled a few more before I had enough room. Why oh why can't they stage this update on the SD card? :mad:
  16. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    We will not get Marshmallow, though. Both Moto E's get Lollipop and that's it. I'll bet Motorola could upgrade Moto E's as well, if they would only stage the downloads onto our external SDHC cards rather than forcing so much onto the very limited internal memory.
  17. TheKrell

    TheKrell Member
    Thread Starter

    I can't seem to update Google+. 245MB is apparently not enough!
  18. Jorge melchor

    Jorge melchor Lurker

    Why my droid mini has not been updated ?: saddroid:

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