Moto G call quality?


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I know this may seem an odd question seeing as most people rarely actually use a phone as a "phone" anymore but... how is the CALL QUALITY of the Cricket branded Motorola Moto G? AT&T's network here where I am is strong but phones do vary and call quality is still important to me. The LTE version is supposedly hitting Cricket any day now and I'm considering it but whatever phone I buy it MUST have good call quality.

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same question to anyone using the Nokia Lumia 630 (or 635) on Cricket.


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I have the moto g cricket branded version and its call quality is amazing. I don't have the LTE version BC it isn't out on cricket yet but should be very very shortly.

Call quality for me is better than Verizon or virgin mobile! Those are my two recent carriers to compare to.

I use the phone a lot for voice calls for work purposes and to call my girlfriend BC we still talk and not just text haha

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I have an unlocked, unbranded Moto G (2013) LTE provisioned on T-Mobile. Received and started using three days ago. I've placed and received several calls, using the built-in earpiece, the built-in speakerphone, the visor-mounted (Jabra, I think) Bluetooth speakerphone in my truck and a Motorola Bluetooth earpiece. Sound quality has been excellent--and that's coming from a guy whose hearing isn't what it once was. Connection stability has been solid as a rock--both cell and WiFi.

Even better: With my last two phones (Palm Centro and HTC Sensation 4G): I couldn't get far from the phone before any of the BT earpieces I've owned would start breaking up. Today I wandered all over the ground floor during a call. I experienced only a little bit of breakup when I was furthest away (about 50' and through three walls at an oblique angle) and turned my head such that the earpiece was on the side of my head opposite the direction of the phone.

Motorola radio hardware always has been some of the best, if not the best, in the world :)

(And, yeah: The GPS receiver rocks, too!)
My mother is using the Nokia Lumia 630 and she doesn't have any dropped calls (Well, once but that's a 99.9% success rate). As my mom mainly uses her phone for calling and texting, it does those things exceptionally well. It also has great battery life and is pretty lightweight for a phone of its' size. The only true knock one can have (that isn't based on opinions) is the lack of some of the larger apps on Windows Phone. If there is an app you need, for example Square card reader if you have a small business, then it's best to go to and search for those apps that you need.


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Thanks for all the great responses! That helps a lot! My hearing also is not what it used to be and I still mainly use a phone as a "phone." So call quality is something I always make sure of before buying a phone. Thanks again!