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Moto G locked/unlocked state not captured in backed up images?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by my1stSmartPhone, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. my1stSmartPhone

    Thread Starter

    I've read and re-read forum postings (including responses to my own) pertaining to unlocking the boot loader. From these postings, it seems to me that the locked/unlocked state of the boot loader is not captured in the images in the various partitions that can be backed up, e.g., using fastboot. Basically, even the most complete backup that you do of the virgin phone, including the ISP's variation of the OS, does not include the locked/unlocked state of the boot loader. Can anyone please confirm the correctness of this understanding?


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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
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    Hey there, my1stSmartPhone! :)

    Been a while since I saw your first post here! :)

    Sorry for the lateness of this reply--I saw yours while going through the Android System Mods, Scripts and Hacks area and moving some threads to their root-specific forums as appropriate.

    [I saw/see you are in conversation with @EarlyMon here--let me know if you want that thread moved to the Moto G all-things-root area]

    In regards to your question above/here, it seems that the various manufacturers hide their bootloader lock state/status in a variety of ways and locations.

    For example, on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the /param partition as a single byte (1=locked, 0=unlocked) in a seemingly obscure location (decimal byte 124). Other devices like the Nexus 5 use the /misc partition; the 2nd gen (2013) Nexus 7 uses the /aboot partition, etc.

    These locations (for various Nexus devices) were gleaned and tested by some brave and enterprising folks who unlocked and re-locked their bootloaders, taking partition dumps in-between and comparing the differences to identify the byte offsets and values. That method won't always reveal the locking method as evidenced by the 2012 N7 which has a confusing series of byte strings that (unfortunately) differ for each user.

    Anyway, these partitions are indeed not typically backed-up with a custom recovery's Nandroid backup function. Indeed, only the partitions that would typically change for a given user (/system, /data, /cache; sometimes the boot and recovery partitions).

    I've even seen that there can be hidden (diagnostic?) partitions on the device that the partition table in Android does not reveal--those can sometimes be seen and pulled from fastboot, by again, this is all very device-dependent.

    That's all I got--hope that helps!

  3. my1stSmartPhone

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the greybeard's scoop on how the info on unlocked bootloaders are stored, scary alien.

    As for moving the threads to Moto-G, I leave it up to you. It wasn't clear to me that the problem was specific to Moto-G. I will, however, be posting about a problem that seems to be specific to Moto-G imminently.

    I never thought it would be so involved to avoid the Carrier's variant of Android (for the increased transparency of open source, not for extra flexibility or functionality).
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