Feb 21, 2016
It had depleted down to 0 once before and didnt charge up after that. So I took it to a repair shop and they changed the jack with charger port and gave me a new charger as well since my old one was not functioning properly now. After not even three weeks, this is happening. It is not even registering itself as being attached to the laptop when I connect both of them using a data cable. But my charger and data cable are working for other phones so I know the problem is with my device.
Welcome to our AndroidForums, @Sidharth Kriplani :).

It sounds like you've already diagnosed the issue--i.e., that you've still got a problem with the replaced charger port.

Have you or can you contact the repair shop and let them know that it's still not working?

I'd imagine (and hope) they would warranty their work or still have another issue to diagnose (perhaps your battery actually needs replacing, etc.)...