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Moto X APN problems/questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by taiv, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Hey guys, I'm needing some help with my new moto x pure edition. My problem is I signed up with consumer cellular and cannot send or receive text messages from people on carriers other than att. After emailing back and forth with consumer cellular tech support they gave me new APN data to input on my phone. When I go to add a new APN the window opens, allows me to enter data, but will not save the data. I push save and the window just closes.

    I told tech support what was happening and they say my phone is sim locked and they cant help me and that I have to contact motorolla... Is this true? Is my phone sim locked? I recently bought my moto x pure edition and it came with a t mobile sim card. I thought these were supposed to be unlocked? With the Tmo sim installed I can edit and add new APN's. With the consumer cellular sim installed everything works fine as far as data, phone calls, etc. Just not sms messaging and entering or editing APN data.

    I also tried a factory reset, it did not help.

    Any Ideas on what I should do next? Sorry, Phones are not my strong point.

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