MotoConnect missing security feature

Unless I'm missing something, it appears that using the Moto Connect extension for Chrome effectively forces you to use the "stay signed in" setting when logging in to your Google account. Closing Chrome does not cause Moto Connect to automatically logout of your Google account. This functioning differs from that of the Google Voice extension, which does automatically log out when you close Chrome.

If you're like me and prefer to never use the "Stay signed in" setting, you might want to avoid using the MotoConnect extension.


Over Macho Grande?
Yeah, I think they warn you about it the first time you close Chrome.

Definitely trusted devices only.

You can however go back and revoke Motorola's access from you Google account "settings/security" page. This would effectively sign you out of Moto Connect I THINK.

It's basically just OAuth2, so should revoke the token moto uses