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Motorola Atrix Battery Life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tatiana320, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. ryanhockey21

    ryanhockey21 Lurker

    Why cant I get this on mine?? I cant make it a whole day without charging it, this is really get frustrating.

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  2. Blazablaz

    Blazablaz Newbie

    I was having the same issue. what i did was did a factory reset. I am now at
    15 hours 49m with 60 percent left. that includes watching some vids, searching the internet and a few calls . I've also checked emails and taken some pic. Do a reset of the phone and hopefully you will get the same results.
  3. John I

    John I Well-Known Member

    Letting the battery run all the way down until the phone dies seems to calibrate the battery meter. The meter seems inaccurate out of the box. Mine got down to 20% after about 24 hours off the charger in hard use. Now 32 hours since it was on the charger and it still hasn't died! Its been on 5% for a couple of hours! I've even ran the flashlight for a while yesterday and today.

    All I can say is the battery life on this phone is way better than the Captivate was (for me).
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I think I may have found my battery hogging culprit. Google Reader was continually syncing. Since I am following lots of RSS feeds, it was syncing all the time. It will take a few days to be sure, but I noticed an improvement today when I set it to sync manually.
  5. nsvball02

    nsvball02 Newbie

    about to go on my 3rd charging cycle...phone has been unplugged for 18hrs 13 mins and battery has 10% left..trying to drain it some more so that I can charge it again fully. Battery life seems to get better as it goes through more cycles. Moderate use all day...web browsing, e-mails, calls, downloadin apps.
  6. rthomas10

    rthomas10 Newbie

    I have it since all you have, 21st, and would unplug and just use normally. Sometimes not at all and sometimes surfing madly. This was at my home and I would get one H+ bar here and sometimes it would switch to edge. The battery would be completely drained just sitting with the occaisional phone call within 5 hours.
    Two days ago went to the Laguna Mountains and there was just edge technology up there in the middle of BFE and the battery didn't go below 80 percent for more than 16 hours!
    I called tech support and explained my "experiment" and he confirmed that if the atrix is searching for a network it will suck battery down very fast. The tech guy's name was Lee Peterson and he was very helpful. He also explained that there was no way to force edge network on this phone. The only thing for me to do was to get a microcell booster and that would cost 200 dollars!!! I explained that I wasn't going to spend the money for the phone and then another 2 hundred for the booster and he put me in touch with a local store that might be able to do something for me.
    The Clairmont Mesa ATT store talked to me for about 5 minutes and the guy, Anthony, checked with his boss and they gave me one for free!
    Today I'm getting 5 bars in the house and testing the phone to see what the battery life will be.

    Also when I'm out of the hole that my house is in I get 3 to 5 bars all over San Diego and the battery life is normal.

    Updates as new data comes in.

    Oh yeah, also found out that 4g probably won't be rolled out nationwide until the end of 2011 or begining of 2012.
  7. kb5ynf

    kb5ynf Lurker

    I was having battery problems with my Atrix too... I was only getting 8 hours out of a full charge. But I figured it out after doing a factory reset. It was at 90% before the reset and 100% after. And it held a good charge after that, great actually. I'm going to charge to 100% and reset it again so that it starts at a full charge instead of 90% and see how it goes.
  8. oFUNGUSo

    oFUNGUSo Member

    my battery life has been neither impressive or dissapointing. coming from a captivate with custom rom, i was getting 30+ hours on my version of moderate usage. im getting about 16 out of the atrix.....today is the 3rd day ive had it. its lasting long enough to keep me from complaining.

    =KLRS=ZERO Android Enthusiast

    Took off the charger this morning at 9:00 and at 8:30(right now) im at 20% this is with HEAVY usage. I have been sending texts all day, 1 voice call, Beluga chat, Email, benchmarks, and at least 2 hours of gaming. (samurai II and dungeon defenders) pretty amazing so far!
  10. CmegaMighty

    CmegaMighty Lurker

    Mine is horrible after it became 100% I unplugged it. I had alarm on with wifi still on. Woke up having only 60% of battery left. And it only took less than an hour to drain it to 5% with just browsing the web.
  11. tassadar898

    tassadar898 Member

    calibrate your batteries... when i drained my battery all the way down it stayed at 5% for like 2 hours cycling neocore over and over. that means it wasnt calibrated properly. after it shut down and wouldnt startup i left it charging over night and im seeing much more accurate battery measurements.
  12. CmegaMighty

    CmegaMighty Lurker

    Yeah it's probably that because it always says 60% when I look at battery manager after I charge it and forget about the phone for an hour. So I just gotta drain the battery down or tonight, then plug it in?
  13. chicknlil

    chicknlil Android Enthusiast

    I've been trying to run the battery down for the last several hours now. When I left work at 9pm, it was below 10%. It's nearly 1am now and it's still on (and playing music to try and burn the rest of the battery down).

    The battery life on this thing blows my former phone out of the water.
  14. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert


    Chock me up as a fan boy I guess. I haven't had one discharge cycle on my Incredible last under 20 hours yet, stock or rooted. I had my Eris set up to last 30+ hours as well. Both phones have nothing turned off whatsoever. Believe as you wish, but it is easy to increase battery life with slight tweaking.
  15. hollenbeck

    hollenbeck Lurker

    charged my phone on thursday, turned it on at midnight friday morning. After looking last night at 9pm I had 15% battery. In other words, I got 41 hours of usage without problems. Was texting back and forth, made a couple of calls, friend played sudoku for 45 minutes yesterday with gps navigation on, another 45 minutes with it off. Downloaded some apps on wifi...etc. 2 solid days of fair usage.

    I previously could not run more than about 12 hours on a charge without it dying, so I discharged it completely and charged it full with the phone off.

    Last night, I charged it with the phone on and it reduced 30% over 8 hours while I was sleeping.

    Needless to say, I believe there is potentially a difference between charging while on and charging with the phone off. (I also have not yet done a factory reset)
  16. rthomas10

    rthomas10 Newbie

    update on my battery and the microcell booster,

    Yesterday was the first complete day with the microcell booster in my house. 4-5 bars in my house all the time and very light use. I just wanted to see how long the battery would last.

    Unplugged at 7 am yesterday and with light use, market, downloading apps, email, texting a few times (walk to the park with dogs), setting up stuff...etc. 70% by 9 pm last night. usually I plug it in and charge my phones every night. Left it off the charger on the table and still 70% 5am today. Played around a bit and it dropped to 60% (was probably at 61% when I started messing with it.) I hate the 10% drops on this battery indicator.

    I'm gonna leave it off the charger today and see how long 60% lasts me. About 24 hours on this charge and since I got the signal strength issue fixed in my home battery life is improved greatly.
  17. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    It is probably set up like the Incredible. With the phone on, the Incredible charges to 100% (well actually 96%, but thats a whole different discussion) and then drains back down to 75~80% before it starts charging again. in other words, unless you get lucky and pull it off the charger exactly as it hits 100%, you won't have 100% charge.

    In your case, your phone probably charged to 100% and then began to discharge while you had it on the charger and, even though the battery gauge said 100%, you probably only had ~85% when it pulled it off the charger which is why you dropped "30%."

    It is a built in battery save feature and the only way to disable or get around it, on the Incredible anyway, is to "bump charge" the phone. That is, take it off of the charger, turn it off, charge it up, and then turn it on and use it. I get around it by charging to exactly 100% (I watch it like a hawk) right before I go to bed and immediately pull it off. I would bet that even though yours dropped 30%, you will have the same amount of battery life from that point on as you did the time you got 41 hours though you won't get that time, but roughly 2/3rds of it.
  18. silentecho13

    silentecho13 Member

    If I did a factory reset, would I have to reroot?
  19. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

  20. GrayKode

    GrayKode Lurker

    After a few days of heavy usage my atrix is lasting almost as long as my iPhone 4, and i carry both daily.im currently at 50% after unplugging it 12+hours ago

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  21. tical2k

    tical2k Member

    also try letting it die, then charging it to 100% without turning it on (the moto battery charging screen). Yeah I know annoying, but i did that last night at 7pm now im at 80% just 2 hours shy of 24 hours. Not heavy use, but still
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  22. nsvball02

    nsvball02 Newbie

    firday night, i let my phone die and charged it to 100% with the phone off and i've seen a huge improvement since day 1. It's been unplugged for 1 day 6 hrs and currently at 30%. medium use.
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  23. morooji

    morooji Lurker

    My battery is also very BAD !!!
    I have to charge it 2-3 times a day ! I am really confused !:(:(:(:(:(:(
  24. SteveL46

    SteveL46 Newbie

    OK, I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm very green to all of this cellular lingo and such. So, feel free to talk to me like I'm an idiot, because in this world, I am. :D

    I'm heavily debating getting this phone. Battery life is the largest selling point, or reason to avoid a phone for me. Right now I'm using a iPhone 3G. My iPhone meets my needs, and has never died on me during the work day. My work involves me driving all across the state of Indiana. Indianapolis and surrounding areas should have 4G, but other area's I'm sure it will vary quite a bit. I would expect that to hurt battery life.

    OK, to the point, my job involves me driving to 30+ people's houses a day some days covering 200-300 miles a day round trip and others I don't even cover 40 miles. It varies greatly. I generally use my iPhone for maps all throughout the day, some days more than others. Problem being, my work truck doesn't always have a working cigarette lighter so I can't always charge my phone at all. So I really need a phone that can make it through the day without fear of it dying all the time.

    Should I be in fear of this? Or should I be okay? Anyone used an iPhone before switching to the Atrix? What were the battery life differences? I saw in the specifications it has a bigger battery (mAh wise - whatever the heck that is) than any other phone I've seen, but I'm sure there are a lot of variables on how much of a difference that makes. So I'm certainly not going off that number solely.

    Thanks in advance for any help, or replies.
  25. NolePhin

    NolePhin Newbie


    I previously had the Iphone 3GS, and I bought the Atrix the day it came out. The first Atrix I had wasn't giving me too good of a battery life. In fact I barely got 6 hours of light-medium use out of it. I went back to the store and the guy replaced the battery for me.

    The 2nd battery was better but at this point, I already made up my mind that the phone was a lemon so I just decided to exchange it for another Atrix. I am giving this 2nd Atrix a few days to see how the battery responds. I used the phone for about 8-9 hours yesterday and let it die. I recharged it to 100% while the phone was off and then ran a factory system reset. I left the phone unplugged all night from about 9-10pm last night. It is currently just under 80% right now, 75%+ for sure. If it can make it through till about 9-10 tonight I would be pretty satisfied.

    I have noticed that in comparison to my Iphone 3GS, I am thinking "conserve battery life" when using or when I am thinking about using the Atrix. With my Iphone I never really worried about that.

    Aside from the battery life, texting pictures, more specifically video is a big problem. For some reason when I record a video and try to send it, it always has to resize the video. It has to be well under 10 seconds or so for it not to have to resize. As much as I text, this is a big issue and might do me in with the Atrix.

    It's a shame, cause I really enjoy the Android OS over the Apple OS, but this battery life and the video/picture texting issues might cause me to return the phone.

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