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Motorola Cliq & SD Card - Damaged!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by prettylilmoon, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. prettylilmoon

    prettylilmoon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Last night as I was playing on my phone as I always do, out of nowhere I received a notification that my SD card was damaged and I may have to reformat it. (That really upset me as I had just recorded some video of my son earlier in the day). I had always used the 8gb card that I bought with the phone from T-Mobile and have never had any issues.

    Here's what I tried to remedy the situation, without having to reformat the card.

    1. Unmount the card (isn't even showing up as an option now).
    2. Powercycled the phone.
    3. Powered off the phone, removed the battery and SD card, replaced both and powered back on.
    4. Left the phone powered off all night.
    5. Called technical support and they were unable to help me.

    Now, I have a picture frame on my home screen with a picture of my son in it. It still pulls the picture, but if I try to view my Picture Gallery, there is nothing in it. (So if I am using the android picture frame widget, did it copy that picture to the actual phone?).

    I do have a card reader, usb cable, etc. etc. but did not yet want to try and see if I could see the files on my pc until I could find out if anyone had any other ideas?

    Thoughts, comments and sympathy are welcome! ;)


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  2. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member

    That's weird, I had the same problem. I just used a microSD adapter I had lying around and plugged into my computer. If you have Windows 7/Vista (not sure about Macs), it'll ask you if you want to scan and fix errors. It fixed whatever the problem was, I unplugged it and stuck back in my Cliq, and everything works just fine and dandy, like nothing ever happened.
  3. prettylilmoon

    prettylilmoon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I do not have 7/Vista (I hate Vista, it's evil!!) I'm running XP....thanks for your input!
  4. prettylilmoon

    prettylilmoon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm so bummed....

    I used my card reader to connect to my computer and at first I was so excited because I saw all of my files/folders! So I created a backup folder and started to copy and paste and then started getting various error messages. When I looked at the folders that had copied, there was nothing in them....so I then began to click on the folders on the SD card and started getting the message to insert a disk into G drive. Guess I am outta luck at this point. :(
  5. coasterman927

    coasterman927 Member

    ouch.. :( sorry to hear that! might be the card itself was damaged, or the phone did it.. not too sure..
  6. Twistmycap

    Twistmycap Lurker

    I had The same thing happen to me, infact i was soo mad i got rid of my cliq.. i had an 8 gb memory card, filled with songs, videos and pictures and apps! but fortuneatly i gots another one.. i was stupid to trade it off. But i think what the problem really was is having to break files down or converting the files. Becareful with putting files onto your sd card with the cliq. its one of the best phones ive ever had i tell you, but with the sd card problem its horrid. So just know what your doing and becareful. Ill tell you your not the first to experience this issue. if your using a computer i would make a copy of the removable disk and update photos on face book reguarally or some kind of photo share network

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