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Motorola Dext android 1.5, updates/hotmail problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by reira83, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. reira83

    reira83 Lurker
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    Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me with huge problems I'm having with my hotmail account on my Motorola Dext mobile, and various updates for android 1.5. (and sorry for my incorrect english, I'm from Italy).
    These are my 3 major problems :D:

    1) I tried to create an hotmail account manually, following the passages I found on your boards to set up pop3 and smtp servers, but still it's not working. (tried both the 25 and 587 outgoing ports, tried both to check or not the SSL or TLS)
    It tries to syncronize, but doesn't receive or send emails.

    2) When I open the hotmail account on my browser, I can't read emails: sometimes it does not connect to hotmail (I even tried through windows live, after the recent changes happening in hotmail accounts) , sometimes I enter my email account but I'm not able to read emails, the page is blocked.
    I once got a message I should update my browser in order to use hotmail correctly..the problem could lay there? How do I update it? I'm using the default browser I found on the mobile desktop, how can I understand which browser I'm using and how I can update it?

    3) Finally, I can't even open many websites 'cause I need to update Adobe Flash, but when I try the update on adobe.com, it says my operating system is not supported (I think it refers to android 1.5...) :thinking:
    I can't believe I cannot use my phone anymore since I have an old android version :(

    I'd appreciate any help I can get, I'm totally a newbie user =)

    Thanks in advance!

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