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Motorola Dext/Cliq in Mexico...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by mosho, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. mosho

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    Hello guys!
    New on the forum and having a major concern hope i can get sone help...

    I just got my Dext last week, im in Mexico with America Movil and I have been felling overall ok with the phone but it certainly have some little issues that cant be ignored: camera app gets stucked sometimes, battery life is really poor (need to charge it every night) poor call quality, amongst some others..

    Android 2.1 is out now and many phones are gettin OTA update but google is forgetting about the first phones that came out using android, of course cliq/dext included, and even worst is forgetting their costumers, specially Latin America. Im suscribed to Motorola Forum and they just give the run around about it, on the launching of nexus one they said all phones with capability to get android 2.0 will get it anytime soon.. I really dont believe them... At least dext should get 1.6 to see if these issues dissapear... Im not that much into installing the firmware myself or rooting the phone but would consider doing so..

    Any ideas of how can I help myself or something new i dont now?
    Thanks for your helpful comments!


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    Moto CLIQ/DEXT will get Android 2.1 update for sure but I think need to wait month ot to.

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