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Motorola Droid 2 $99.99 at TigerDirect.com / Cellstores.com with new account or renewal/upgrade

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jsaya, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. jsaya

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    Welcome to our Wireless World

    "TigerDirect.com has the Droid 2 at $100 with contract

    The letstalk.com deal is better if you're new, but this is good for renewals / adding a new phone.

    Confusion about cellstores.com - TigerDirect doesn't do cell phone plans, so they go through cellstores.com (so it seems)
    TigerDirect cellphones category -http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/campaigns/campaigntemplate.asp?afsrc=1&CampaignID=1126&SRCCODE=LINKSHARE&cm_mmc_o=-ddCjC1bELltzywCjC-d2CjCdwwp&AffiliateID=lw9MynSeamY-DDRaiJBEHQSLxO4_0BJ9Xg"

    saw it here - Motorola Droid 2 $99.99 at TigerDirect.com with new account or renewal - SlickDeals.net Forums

    so I'm thinking about upgrading from my Droid to the Droid 2... I could sell my D1 for more than the cost of the D2 :D

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    is there a catch to this?
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    Welcome to Android Forums! :D

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