Motorola Droid 2 or D2 Global Batts/Pod/backs 4 sale


this is for the lot of items, i have a motorola droid 2 or droid 2 global or droid org charging pod/multimedia station, 2 extended batterys, 1 regular battery, 1 extended back, 2 normal backs. I want $50 for everything. it has been used slightly, the ext batterys i got back in december 2010, the org batt in sept, didnt use the org batt much after i got the extended batterys. one of the normal backs is brand new. the batterys have a ton of life left in them. i no longer have a droid 2 phone. if ur interested please contact me send me a mess on here with ur email. thanks. and paypal is best. i have photos too but its too much of a pain to post them on here so if u want them ill email them to you. and these are genuine motorola items, there not chineese knockoff garbage u get on ebay.