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Motorola Droid - I had to do a factory reset today...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Aelbric, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. katahdin

    katahdin Member

    Something to think about, ive been a heavy gmail user since 04-05

    I brought over my palm contacts just yesterday - used companionlink.com which had option to tranfer memos - memo were added as contacts - with the memo in the notes field.

    Not sure how I like it. Think Ill miss the find on the PDA - not the same in speed and accuracy in google

    since droid directly interfaces with gmail , contacts, calendar - two things - gmail contacts should be able to open in a new window/tab.

    Plus it would seem logical to connect directly with google docs !!

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  2. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Have you tried "Voice Dialer", not Voice "Search", but Dialer (it has a white phone mouthpiece as the icon". It will search contacts per your voice.
  3. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Had to do a reset yesterday (Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset).

    Back up my settings had been enabled on the device since I had gotten it (as an exchange unit) a week and a half ago.

    After completing the reset and signing in w/my gmail account, nothing was restored to the phone (other than the obvious email/contacts/calendar data that's held in the Google cloud).

    No apps, no settings, no nothing. When I look in Marketplace the only apps it lists for me under downloads are those I have purchased, all the free ones are gone, and none of the purchased apps are automatically re-installed.

    So I'm not getting what's up w/my experience vs. what others are saying, that their Droid reinstalls apps automatically after a reset. This is the second reset I've done, always w/Backup setting having been enabled on the phone, and I've never had a single app or setting automatically managed for me after the reset.

    Anyone have any ideas? Just curious what's up here...
  4. skidemn

    skidemn Lurker

    I did a factory reset too and almost everything came back. The phone book was a little funny as it did not import the data I had changed since merging with Facebook contacts. I had to manually re-join contacts, but other than that it pretty much came back as it was before.
  5. Amaroth

    Amaroth Android Enthusiast

    Can someone tell me; If I am gonna go and return my droid for a new one, what do i do to make sure my information isnt left on the phone? or is there no way to do that? To those who have returned their droid for another one, did you reset the phone or anything? Did you get to keep your sd card? I was going to ask them if I could just keep my same SD card and put the one from the new droid into the old droid. Its a hassle to copy over all the files and then get a new droid and copy them back. Not that hard but im lazy.

    sorry if this is the wrong thread to be asking this???
  6. JonKyu

    JonKyu Member

    I dunno I'm in the same boat, I had all my settings synced. Went to get a replacement phone, nada. Did a factory reset nada. Did another factory reset nada... I dunno maybe mine just doesn't like me :\
  7. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    There must be some kind of defect here ...
  8. Amaroth

    Amaroth Android Enthusiast

    I went and replaced my phone today and the only thing that happened was the apps i had bought were in the download window of the market. I had to install each one manually. Nothing was automatic. Most of my bookmarks were saved, but a few were missing. Seems like google only syncs certain information on a schedule or something.
  9. supersaki

    supersaki Android Enthusiast

    Hello everybody.

    I did a hard-reset today and was surprised to find all my applications, wallpaper, etc.. were restored. Curious, I googled, which led me to this thread.

    Things that weren't restored:

    Phone-lock (gesture) password
    Application settings.

    I thought maybe the free apps were restored from the SD card, but removing it still had the same results..

    anyways, cool feature, but I would actually prefer the option to restore the apps rather than automatically bring them back in (i hard-reset the phone because I thought an app may be the culprit behind a strange bug I am seeing)
  10. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Odd..I wish I could figure out why this automatic restore works for some people and not for others (particularly me).

    Yous should be fine as long as you uninstall the app w/out using it...but I agree, what I'd really like is a list of apps that had been installed and the option to check off the ones that I want restored and then have a bulk-restore/reinstall happen.
  11. supersaki

    supersaki Android Enthusiast

    Turns out I had a intermittent dead spot on my touchscreen. So I went and got a replacement today and once again everything was restored.

    It is curious why it isn't working for some. One thing I thought about was I created a new gmail account just before I got the phone. Perhaps if people are using an 'older' gmail account, there was a setting they changed on the computer side that would prevent this feature?
  12. rogue994

    rogue994 Member

    Worked for me. Did a factory reset, had to set up my Facebook account and a few minor things...but all Apps came back. It did take a bit for them all to show, but eventually they all came back. Awesome feature!
  13. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Given how hit or miss the (apparent) reliability is that all the apps get restored after a hard reset, is there an app that will backup everything up from the phone to the SD, allowing it to restore locally if it doesn't work from the cloud?
  14. Strawbrykiwi

    Strawbrykiwi Lurker

    so how did you do the hard reset??

    I have found a lot of places talking about it on the forum but I cant find how to do it!
  15. Strawbrykiwi

    Strawbrykiwi Lurker

    were you able to move past this?

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