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Motorola Droid - Red Eye On Lock Screen

Discussion in 'Application Requests' started by meandmydroid, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. meandmydroid

    meandmydroid Well-Known Member
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    Dec 10, 2009
    Have seen several requests for this on other forums, and would like to add my own request for it here...

    It would be a great conversation piece and also great advertising out in public if there was an app that would allow the same moving red Droid "eye" that comes up when you first power up the phone, to be added to the lock screen...

    That way, everytime you hit the power/sleep button to wake up your phone, the moving red eye will appear on the lock screen...

    Have seen an app on marketplace that has a "rendition" of the droid eye, or an artists concept of it, but I am referring to having the "real" moving Droid eye that is already programmed in the phone...



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